Friday, 8 July 2011

Just no. No. Got it? No. That's no.

The proposals, to be released next week, stipulate that all national sports teams, including football, rugby, cricket and the British Olympic team, would be forced to have the EU emblem appear on their jerseys.

Oh, can you not please fuck off?

The idea – dismissed by the Tories as "simply daft" – is contained in a report on "The European Dimension in Sport", drafted by Spanish centre-right MEP Santiago Fisas Ayxela which will be presented to the Parliament next week.

A European Commission source said the executive is keen to promote the 'European dimension' in sport and could bring forward the idea but only with full agreement with the competent national bodies.

Well, given the Tories' form in this area, we can expect pressure to be brought to bear on the FA, RFU, ECB, UK Athletics and everyone else to wear the shitty little patch on the shirts and vests before the summer is out then.

Saying 'in Europe, but not run by Europe' is like saying 'in a lab contaminated by a rampant flesh eating virus that causes death on a biblical scale within three hours, but not infected by a rampant flesh eating virus that causes death on a biblical scale within three hours.'

Can we leave yet?


Anonymous said...

If that bllody flag appears anywhere on a Manchester City shirt at any time in the future, there'll be hell to pay.

NewsboyCap said...

Henry Crun @11:02

And what would that Hell consist of.
A curt letter to the Arab that owns Man City to not spend any more of his money on his team ?, and that nasty EU badge be removed from team shirts or I will scweam and scweam!

Anonymous said...

@ NewsboyCap

Oh do fuck off!

NewsboyCap said...

Henry Crun

Cheers mate !

I totally agree with you, the nonsense spewing from the EU seems to be never ending.All the best for next season just finish above your neighbours eh.I'll be suffering watching Bolton.

Anonymous said...

Bolton oh dear...well at least you'll have the plesaure of watching Seany WrightWrightWright head down bombing along the touch line. That said, if you do get Sturridge, he and Wright-Phillips could form a useful partnership.