Monday, 25 July 2011

A word of warning.

A heart stopping moment over in Wolfers' Den this evening, with some very colourful metaphors pouring forth from your's truly. For a while Blogger/Google saw fit to delete my blog.

I was advised by Brother Snowolf that this was to do with using a nom de plume on here, Google+ and with the gmail account associated with this blog and having more than one email address associated with all three. Apparently Google have now decided that they ain't too keen on pseudonyms, which is odd given their statement on freedom of speech when you sign up to Blogger.

Anyhow, if you're blog using Blogger and use Google+ or Gmail and want to avoid the whole falling pit of stomach feeling thing, you may be well advised to tweak your Google+ account or perhaps do away with it all together. Similarly if you use Gmail for your blog, you may want to consider going to Hotmail or some other free webmail provider.

It's made me consider moving this whole show to a server off Google, I shall be making investigations.

Many thanks to Dick Puddlecote on Facebook, and @AmbushPredator, @CaptainRanty and @thickey on Twitter for their moral support and practical advice during my hour of panic and need.


Scan said...

I've had a similar problem. I signed up for Google Mail because I'm fed up of Hotmail being shite. After five minutes I decided Gmail was even shiter, and deleted it.

Unbeknown to me it'd merged all my Google-related accounts and of course deleted 6 years' worth of writing at Blogger.

After 4 attempts to get in touch with the Hegemonic TWATS(!!!) at Google they still haven't restored any of it, nor replied to any of my emails.

Angry Exile said...

Interesting. So after the exodus to Wordpress following the massive Blogger fuckuperation of a couple of months back they've decided they've still got too many people using Blogger and want to chase a few more off to the competition. Yeah, makes perfect sense... /facepalm. I really must make time to get mine moved to WP.