Wednesday, 13 July 2011

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This lot:

Have a little blog. There's a rather entertaining article over there entitled:

Rationalising the Irrational: Explaining UK Euroscepticism

The title suggests that anyone who isn't keen on the good old EUSSR is likely to get short shrift.

But it does ask the question, I think, for the English falls apart at the end, if we want in or out.

Why not go and tell them?

I'm betting my comments, below, don't pass moderation.

“The national written press is particularly influential in Britain, compared with other EU states, and the internet has not yet changed this.”

I’ve news for you, the internet is even more hostile than the press towards the EU. Why? Because it gives a true reflection of public attitudes in the street.

It’s nothing to do with the war, nor is it to do with the Euro.

Why should any nation subsume itself to the EU? It is only partially true to say that the EU is painted as a body designed to undermine British sovereignty. It is a body that is designed to undermine the sovereignty of EVERY nation state within the EU, and, more importantly, the sovereignty of every citizen within those nation states.

The EU is unaccountable, anti-democratic, corrupt, arrogant and venal.

Against the free movement of goods, people and services I can brook no argument. But the machinery is worringly similar to the old USSR, and the attitudes of those in charge reflect those of the politburo. 
It is a deeply, deeply flawed project that will only end badly, for all concerned.

So, in a word; No.

I’d rather the UK was not a part of the EU, I’d rather the other nations weren’t a part of the EU, because they will be destroyed and it will be tragic.


Maverick said...

Chhuin says:
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July 13, 2011 at 8:50 pm

No and I agree with “The Snowolf’s” comments which he has posted in full on his own blog. The reason I have visted is to see if you have posted them in full. My bet is you just another pompous ass spouting your opinion and looking for groupies ….

His assessment is spot on .. this is a pile of … don’t think I need to draw a map,.

Anonymous said...

Dear Snowolf

"About icdblogsphereteam
We are the Blogsphere Team of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. We are the interactive part of the web resources of ICD. We spread culture and mutual undestrading among cultures through blogs."

Glad that culture is in such safe hands.


Captain Ranty said...

I left this:

"Do you want in Britain?"

We are already in.

The question should be: Do you want OUT Britain?

To which the answer is a resounding yes. Two polls this week confirm the wishes of the British people. O.U.T.

We like Europeans, we just don't want to be chained up with you in this nonsensical union.

Clear enough for you?


Captain Ranty said...

Well, that went well for them, didn't it?

7 comments, all telling them to fuck off.



ArtCo said...

Had a look and also noticed this.
So I had to comment obviously
Awaiting moderation though

ArtCo said...

Ok they answered but they never really reacted much . Mores the pity