Friday, 1 July 2011

I am opening the kitchen drawer. . .

. . . and I'm removing my tin foil hat.


Well, isn't funny how two days after this:

Christine Lagarde has become the head of the International Monetary Fund, its board confirmed following a meeting in Washington.

The French finance minister is the first woman to hold the post. She takes over from Dominique Strauss-Kahn, beginning her five-year term on 5 July.

We get this?

The sex assault case against former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn appears to be in trouble amid reported concerns over the alleged victim's credibility.

Law enforcement officials have told US media the accuser has repeatedly lied since the alleged attack on 14 May.

Could it have been that DS-K saw that the writing on the wall for the Euro and was foolish enough to communicate this?

Surely, someone wouldn't get a hard-up Francophone immigrant to the US, bung them a couple of €, (although if she had any sense, she'd have held out for US$), and get them set about a campaign to discredit the head of the IMF who could see the plug pulled on Euro?

No, no. That's far too paranoid.

Isn't it?

This isn't a bloodless assasination, is it?

It's a complete coincedence that two days after the empty chair is filled, the case starts to unravel. Isn't it?

If, heaven forfend, it all turns out to be put-up job, I wonder how miffed the New York DA is going to be, and how many resources they'd dedicate to getting to the bottom of the issue? Could we be looking at conspiracy to pervert the course of justice here?

Enjoy your new job, Christine, well, until you've served your purpose. A rape charge ain't going to stick against you. Have you got kids or grandkids, or nieces and nephews? An abuse charge will fit nicely, or perhaps you should take your first pay-cheque and use it as a down payment on a Popemobile.

I will now return the tin foil hat to the drawer.


Anonymous said...

He could still become the President of France, having the case dropped and being allowed a stab at Le President might be enough to buy his silence.
Hope not.

The Refuser said...

DSK is without a doubt a dodgy geezer but by the same token his accuser is a dodgy asylum seeker and whilst it could be a put up job I tend to think it is more a case of a shakedown that went wrong.