Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Moving on.

Well, after yesterday's scare and some swearing, hissy fits, tantrums and despairing phone calls to Brother Snowolf (he really knows his shit and I'd have been hopelessly lost without him, here's to you, Bruv) I've grasped the nettle and migrated this place elsewhere as I'm afraid I just don't trust Google with data and I don't trust them not to screw things up.

Sooooo, announcing the launch of the lovely new thesnowolf.com for all your politico-lupine blogging needs.

I'll be mirroring each site in the other for a week or so, just to cover any teething troubles, but I'd be most 'umbly grateful if you'd update your bookmarks to the new gaff (although I understand I can insert a bit of code on Blogger that should auto-direct) and if you are a lovely, lovely blogger wot has me on their blogroll, I'd be pathetically grateful if you'd update that. If you don't list me and I don't list you, then drop me a line at my lovely new email address, wolfers@thesnowolf.com and we can indulge in some mutual ego massaging.

Oh, and take your shoes off in the new place, the carpet is very expensive, very vulgar shagpile and I don't want you bastards treading crap into it. OK?


The site seems to be going up and down like a tart's knickers at the moment, Brother Snowolf reassures me this is something to do with the DNS needing to settle down. I don't know what they are, but they sound like a right bunch of bastards.

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