Saturday, 30 July 2011

Be not afraid.

A commenter in the article below has asked if the link to at the top of the page, under the header is genuine.

It is indeed genuine.

There was an issue with Google/Blogger the other day which lead to this blog being taken down for a while, and I'm not confident that it won't happen again and happen permanently, so at great expense (well, about £20) I bought the address and have moved in over there.

At present I'm mirroring that site over here (except this post), and I'll keep updating over here for the next month. After that I'll be dumping some code over here which will automatically re-direct to the new site when you come here, and this site will survive in a state of stasis.

All the articles that are archived over here have been imported along with links, images, videos and comments. However, any comments you leave here now will not be recorded over at the new place.

I love having all you guys and girls coming over to read my ramblings, and whilst I'm not even close to being in the Premier League of blogs regarding traffic, I'm proud of the readership I do have and would very much like you to come over to the new house for a look around.

I'll repeat the appeal for my dear readers to bookmark the new site and for you lovely bloggers to update your blogrolls to reflect the changes.

No, it isn't a scam, no it is isn't a virus. Be not afraid.

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