Friday, 3 September 2010

Silly Season Bites.

Not much going at present, is there? And what there is is difficult to do anything proper with.

I could talk about the timing of Blair's memoirs cunningly coinciding with the start of the election of a new Labour leader.

I could talk about how all the candidates in the election are either mad, sinister, useless or all three.

I could talk about how Hague has been caught spending our money to give his mate a job, and how sad it is that the only way to highlight this rampant piss-taking is to insinuate that he's been kicking his back doors in.

I could talk about the cynicism displayed by Hague in choosing now to talk about how his wife has had a miscarriage, so leave me alone because it isn't fair.

What about the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change being told not to be caught out spinning their bullshit again? It doesn't matter, it isn't about truth.

Could talk about Asil Nadir, but, meh.

Could talk about the no-ball scandal which has disappointed, but not exactly shocked the cricket world.

But to be honest, once you've said the above, how much more detail can you go into?

Perhaps something approaching proper news will come around shortly.

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