Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I see, so what you're saying is . . . whoa! Hang on! Where did that come from?

Just caught a few minutes of Jeff Randall on Sky News this evening. No problem with Jeff, he's quite entertaining. What I was struck by was the report on the demonstrations across Europe today, with special focus on the one taking place in Brussels.

This Pan-European Union Trade Union Marx-in revealed the usual it's all the bankers' fault. There was one British moron going on about how capitalism had failed. Well, it would have done, had we had capitalism, rather than governments trying to tame lions, milking them and coming running when they get a thorn stuck in their paw.

That isn't capitalism, the best description I can think of is corporatism, and we all know where that had its best run, don't we?

What caused me to stop, press pause on the old Sky box and whip the camera phone out was this quite remarkable banner carried by some of the participants today:

You actually think the EU is Liberalising things?

Sweet Mary, mother of Jesus and all the little orphans!

I don't know which is worse, the fact that you think that the EU is a force for liberty, or the fact that you think a process going towards more liberty is a bad thing.

I'm speechless, except to say, remember folks, these people elected the leader of the second biggest party in the UK.

If you live near some hills, I'd run for them, if I were you.


Leg-iron said...

I already live on a hill. Saw them coming.

(WV - culueess - oh, so close!)

Angry Exile said...

Twenty-first century useful idiots. Someone in the EUSSR must be very pleased. It would be impressive to think they're stroking a white cat while watching the same news report as you but they're probably banned from the building under an EU health and safety directive because someone might be allergic.