Thursday, 9 September 2010

When it all kicks off, we'll be fine.

OK, let's carry on with this silly season malarkey.

There are many benefits to Libertarianism, but one of them will likely (and rightly) stay out of reach. Say what you like about fascism, national socialism and communism, but credit where it is due, those guys do scary very well. They are also very adept at designing an impressive uniform. A uniform is something we as Libertarians are most unlikely to ever have.

Doesn't mean we can't do scary though.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Glenn Jacobs, who under his pseudonym of Kane is the current World Heavyweight Champion:

OK, it's not a 'real' sporting event, (cricket, cycling, athletics, snooker, anyone?), but if it all kicks off, I'm making sure I stand next to Jacobs. He's one of us and blogs under the name of Citizen X here.

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