Friday, 10 April 2009

The One That Is Reading The Tea Leaves. . .

I do not like the BNP.

I think I’ve made that quite clear over the time I’ve been writing here.

Harridan Harperson has told the Indie that "Certainly they [the BNP] are a bigger threat than they have been before."

But what does she mean by that? A quite reasonable explanation is that the BNP pose a very real threat to the liberties enjoyed by people living in this country. Of course, I would maintain that coming from an increasingly and alarmingly authoritarian government, that is a bit rich.

Do I support the BNP in anything? Only in their desire to remove us from the EU. Beyond that, there is no common ground between the BNP and I.

Make no mistake about it, Labour will not win the next General Election, the Tories will sweep into power with a very healthy majority. Labour could find themselves in a very dark place if Plaid Cymru and the SNP continue their recent gains. But what happens in the election after that?

How long will it take the electorate to realise that they’ve swapped one government, for another that really offers so little difference that they are almost indistinguishable from that which has gone before?

Is it beyond the realms of possibility that the election after next could see a hung parliament? It is unlikely that the Big Two will lose their position at the top table any time soon, but as they become more and more homogenous, and unable to effect any real change due to the primacy of the EU, will it drive turn-out down, or push people to smaller parties?

I don’t think it is too far fetched to envision a chamber with a splattering of MPs from UKIP, Greens, BNP perhaps even we Libertarians, and substantial gains from the Welsh and Scottish nationalists. This could make a serviceable majority problematic or even impossible. A chamber looking like that would mean that the Big Two (and I’m sorry LibDems, all I see is stagnation from you, the others have muscled in on your territory and you are in danger of being rendered totally irrelevant) would HAVE to compromise and offer some fairly large inducements for the others to play ball.

Could the Tories afford to leave a number of UKIP MPs in the cold and risk open war with their EUrosceptic wing? How would Labour reach out to some truly socialist MPs without empowering the awkward squad? Would the chamber be so volatile and unpredicatble that both the Tories and Labour would have to go and talk turkey with a handful of BNP MPs to get the job done?

I don’t think Labour are worried about losing the next General Election, all but the most deluded are already resigned to it, but they will do what they can to smear and darken the name of the Tories in the process of defeat, Guido says this morning that the next election is likely to be very dirty and negative, and I think he’s right on the money.

The threat from the BNP is not towards our way of life, they just won’t get enough power to make that happen. The threat from the BNP is towards Labour certainly, and the Tories in the future if they continue to act as Blue Labour. Both the Labour and Conservative parties act as if they have some God given right to govern, and they don’t.

Small party gains could make that difficult for them and the BNP provide a nice bogeyman. If a BNP candidate were to be returned to Westminster, there would be rending of hair and gnashing of teeth in the red and blue sections. Imagine how ashamed we would be made to feel, the Mother of Parliaments in the country that fought Hitler, electing a nasty National Socialist or two. Of course, UKIP, Libertarians, English Democrats et al, we’d all be like the BNP. Well, the prime BNP agenda is to pull out of the EU, all the little anti parties would walk through and vote with them for a referrendum on that policy, how could we not be alike?

And just as with Harperson’s battle bus, it doesn’t matter what you call people any more. Leg-Iron is right, it’s been done that many times, and for so long, it doesn’t mean anything any more. Call me what you like, I know what I am, what I feel and what I believe in, and I don’t particularly care if you agree or approve. There are those who have been called racist so many times that they’ve concluded that they must be, so the BNP must be their natural party.

It isn’t that the BNP are hell bent on introducing a Thousand Year British Reich and that more and more people agree with them, the cause is that you have left people with no alternative but to go to the wings. The way you bloat yourselves on our money, aggrandise yourselves, belittle us, lecture us, tell us ‘Thou Shalt Not’ and ignore our requests, means there is no room on the stage, and the people on the wings will push back, lest they fall off completely.

It is your arrogance and vanity that prevents you from seeing that you are architects of your own downfall, incompetent and hubristic rulers making vain proclamations from castles made of sand. The tide is coming in, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Nothing, except real and meaningful change. I doubt you have the courage or self awareness to do that.

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