Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The One That Is Going To Write To Ofcom. . .

I'm going to sit in on Sunday, waiting for Songs of Praise, just so I can be offended after reading this snivelling whinging guff from the ridiculous self-obsessed sky pixie brigade.

Angry Coronation Street viewers have complained to Ofcom and ITV after a character made "anti-Christian" remarks during an episode on Easter Sunday.

The broadcast watchdog said it received 23 complaints over Ken Barlow referring to the faith as "superstition" and God as a "supernatural being".

Oh for crying out loud, just get a life won't you?

One minute you're bleating about how God is all powerful, created the universe etc, etc, and the next your bellyaching that 'To choose this script on the most holy day in the Christian calendar is insulting and greatly offensive.'

Well isn't that the ultimate in offence by proxy? Taking offence that a fictional character said something you don't agree with about a character who is either a; fictional themselves, or b; omnipotent.

So either it doesn't matter, or God who is all powerful really won't give a flying fuck.

And besides, if Easter Day is the holiest day in the Christian calendar, then why are you spending it watching Coronation Street, you hypocritical fuckers?

What a bunch of arseclowns.

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