Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The One That Is Glad He Doesn't Represent The Government. . .

The Hillsborough Tragedy was just that, a terrible tragedy. I'm not going to go into the why's and wherefore's they've been done to death in the last 20 years.

It is often said that the Scousers enjoy wallowing in grief and sections of the service I've been watching on TV have been a little mawkish, but there are very few things that unite communities these days, despite the best efforts of the government, and rememberance of Hillsborough is one of them. Liverpudlians take the memory of Hillsborough very seriously indeed, and rightly so.

Liverpool is red in more ways than one, its main team plays in red, and 39 seats on their council are drawn from the ranks of Labour.

One would have thought that for Andy 'Makeup' Burnham, it would have been the easiest gig of the year. When he trotted out the line 'I am here as a representative of the Government and Prime Minister,' the last thing he would have expected would have been vehement boos to ring out from a crowd 99% of clubs would be delighted with on a match-day, let alone a memorial service. That is exactly what he got though.

Perhaps I'm cynically misreading the situation, perhaps the boos were an indication that many feel the families of the '96' are still awaiting justice 20 years later. If my feelings are right though, if a Labour minister is getting booed at a non-political event, for just mentioning his government and the Prime Minister, in a city such as Liverpool, then Labour are in big, big trouble.

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