Thursday, 23 April 2009

The One That, Surprisingly, Agrees With Him. . .

Gordon Brown has said that the tax rise in yesterday's budget in 'not the end of New Labour.'

He's quite right you know.

We've seen the end coming for some time now, and it will come as no surprise when it finally arrives, but it ain't here yet. We could have another year of this to come, the end of the New Labour project will be messy, humiliating and a complete elephant hunt.

Even if I'm taxed so much that I can't afford to wear a pair of shoes, I'll make sure that on election night I'll have access to a TV and a big bag of popcorn, and I shall raise a cheer as the seats they hold wink out one by one.

I may even do a little dance, and look forward to booking the day after the election as an annual leave day, as I shall be gloriously drunk, transiting into a hangover of pure euphoria. Guns will then be turned onto the Conservative government, who I confidently predict are bunch of venal, grasping, corrupt, authoritarian fucktards.

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