Monday, 13 June 2011

But hey! Don't worry!

Reuters report that Standard & Poor's have downgraded Greece's sovereign debt down three notches to 'Run away, far away and quite fast at that'.

Making it the lowest credit rating held by a nation in the world.

That's the world.

That's a European country, in the 21st Century, with a worse credit rating than North Korea, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Zimfuckingbabwe and, well, everywhere.

They are more screwed than the wife of the brother of a media-shy Premier League footballer on her wedding night.

Funnily enough, EUroparl has nothing to say about this. But then why should they when there is such joyous news? Rejoice, rejoice in the highest for I bring glad tidings!

Parliament on Wednesday gave its green light for Bulgaria and Romania to join the Schengen border check-free area. MEPs say they have met the entry conditions, based on progress reports, but . . .

I dunno, there's always a but, isn't there? Tsk!

add that Parliament should be kept informed of additional measures taken in the Bulgaria-Turkey-Greece area to cope with a possible surge in migration pressure.

Yeah, because people aren't going to go any further than non-EU Turkey, bankrupt Greece and (frankly bizarre) Bulgaria, are they? No siree, the Iraqis, Kurds and Turks aren't going to dream of crossing the borders, are they? They're all going to settle down in wonderful, wonderful Plovdiv.

Likewise, no-one from Moldova or Ukraine would dream of hopping through Romania to the west of the continent, which is so conveniently signposted 'free money'.

No, no problems at all. Especially as Romania and Bulgaria don't feature at numbers 69 and 73 respectively in Transparency International's corruption index below the likes of Rwanda, Ghana and (gulp) Tunisia, Saudi and Bahrain. 

Meanwhile the Croats (or at least their politicians, I don't know if the ratification of any treaty is subject to a popular referendum there, for their sake I hope it is) have signed their own death warrant by being granted entry to a club where making an application should be grounds for black-balling in the first place.

Looking north, the Danes appear to have at least realised there is a sum sat in front of them, waiting  to be done, even if they haven't got round to working out what 2+2 is equal to. They'll get there in the end, bloody good luck to them. Oh, sure the usual 'extreme right wing' and 'racist' tags will be strewn liberally around, but once you realise this is the only weapon the EUrophiles have, it doesn't hurt.

The lot of them, they're bloody mad.

Can we leave yet?


Mike Cunningham said...

As the illustrious Brother stated:-

"Please accept my resignation. I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member".

The Croatians have been blinded by the huge piles of cash which are appearing over the horizon, all piled there by a Brussels bureaucracy which knows that politicians always look for the money, and don't see the slippery slopes just beyond the flat space where the cash is piled up.

The Croats have been taken in, because they want to believe the bullshit, the lies and the crap which has been spread over the dismal failure which is the Euro, the Schengen rubbish and all the other ideas which sound so good in theory, but never seem to work in practice.

If a renegade Croat politician ever wished to annoint himself as the Croat Leader, all he would need to do would be to publish a long list of the EU failings and failures, and he would be on the throne within weeks!

Captain Ranty said...

You'd think these fuckwits would cast a beady eye on Ireland, wouldn't you?

Living proof that the Stupid Club is the stupidest club in an ever increasing stupid world.

We SHOULD leave. Then sit back and howl with laughter at the numpties stupid enough to try and make it work.

Excellent write-up, BTW.