Wednesday, 8 June 2011

No, no, you don't understand, it's there to serve me, not you.

The problem with things being sacred is that they can never be attacked, and will always be used to suit those who have the sacred thing under their control. So, when we see. . .

The Patients Association is calling for an end to the "geographical strait jacket" of having to register with a GP near to where you live. 

My response is to say, 'well, yes. The tax taken from an individual funds the service across the nation, not just the service within 3 miles of the taxpayer's house, so that seems fair enough.'

However, whilst. . .

An official consultation has found 77% of those who replied back change. . .

and let's face facts, 77% is a margin that most market researchers would kill for, it makes their job very easy.

. . . 70% of health-care staff were against.

I couldn't give a tupenny fig if you're against it. You see, I'm funding this bloody thing whether I want it or not. Having handed over my cash, I don't think it is an unreasonable expectation that the service I get is the service I want, rather than the service the provider can actually be arsed to give, if they're not too busy and we ask very nicely.

Whatever next? Bus drivers taking the bus wherever they feel like? So you buy a single from Elephant & Castle to Charing Cross but end up in Newlyn because the driver fancied a day by the sea and a pasty?

Look, chum, you're paid to do a job, why not try getting on with it rather than whinging about the nasty people you're paid to treat having ideas you don't agree with?

While we're on the subject of bloody things I'm funding whether I want to or not. . .

The European Parliament has clashed with the UK government over the EU's budget, with one leading Euro MP scorning a UK "provocation to Europe".

Oh, you think that's provocative, do you?

Guy Verhofstadt, head of the liberal group (ALDE), accused the UK of "continuing the policies of the past".

Liberal? Liberal? You don't know the meaning of the word. Liberal does not mean peope doing what you say or else.

Anyhow, if you want provocative, try this on for size:

Go fuck yourself, you corrupt, greedy, corrupt, specky, corrupt, authoritarian, corrput, anti-democratic, corrupt fuckwit, go roll that blue and yellow rag you call a flag up, put it in the freezer and when it's frozen solid, take it out and ram it straight up your Chatham pocket.

Provocative enough for you?

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