Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Hitting them where it hurts.

Right, that's it.

I love the game of football, and this whole FIFA thing is getting out of hand now. The procession (and what a slow one it is) of an 'election' at FIFA House in Zurich which is currently ongoing is a farce, with a sitting President being elected unopposed because he appears to be less corrupt than the other would be candidate and sidekicks.

Blatter and his ilk stick the knife into each other whilst professing to the public that nothing is amiss, Anna Raccoon has commented on this over at her place.

But how to hit them? We have no voice, no representation. We may own the game, but we do not have possession of the ball, as it were.

The only way to hit the FIFA nobility is to hit them in the pocket, the only way to hit them in the pocket is to starve their sponsors of money.

Acting alone I will have no impact. I don't care. Have a go yourself, or not, it is your decision. However this afternoon I have sent the following message to the customer relations departments of all the multi-national companies who are the FIFA partners and the World Cup sponsors:

Dear Sir or Madam,

As an avid fan of football, I am greatly disturbed at the apparent corruption in FIFA, the seeming lack of desire to tackle the problem effectively. I am deeply concerned that those in power at FIFA House have appropriated the sport for their own ends, and left to their own devices will only stop once the game has suffered irreperable harm.

I have no voice at FIFA, no representation. I have no say in who holds the position of President, General Secretary or any of the Vice-President posts, yet I, along with millions of others, own this sport, not FIFA.

I have no route to influence proceedings directly, I am left with no alternative but to take an indirect route. FIFA must be killed and reformed, and the only way to kill the diseased beast is to starve it of funds.

As a result, and with regret, I have no option but to boycott your products and services all the time you continue to be associated with FIFA.

I may be one person, but I know many other people are of the same opinion as me, and will fall upon the same conclusion. I will be publicising my boycott regularly on Facebook and Twitter. I will tell people in person. I will dissuade others from using your services or purchasing your products. I will do it with no joy at all. Whilst I do not hold your organisation responsible for what is happening at FIFA, your continued financial support for FIFA is enabling the behaviour. And as one who cares for the game, it is behaviour which cannot continue.



I doub't I'll get a response, but we'll see. I've also sent similar to the BBC, Sky and ITV, to the Beeb complaining that licence-payer's money is fed to the organisation and to Sky and ITV explaining that I'll be sending the same to any sponsors who buy advertising time during their coverage of the qualifiers and (in ITV's case) the finals tournament.

Let's see how many companies will respond are care about the damage that could be done to their reputations and takings. If you're interested, here's the contact details:

Sony. (They only want journalists, there doesn't seem to be a general customer support address, bollocks to them.)

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