Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Power and brilliance.

The internet, only good for bomb making and porn.

Or not.

This is bravery.

Alice is 15 and has terminal cancer, she has a 'bucket list' of things she'd like to do before the end. Pretty reasonable desires they are too.

Looks like she'll get them, a hundred times over.

She's only made two posts and has attracted in excess of 1300 comments. I haven't seen any trolls, and the offers are pouring in.

It is trending on Twitter at an unbelievable rate.

I lost a friend to cancer when I was about her age it had a profound effect upon me, as a 16 year old you don't expect to be reminded of your mortality. And if the last 20 years have taught me anything, it is that life is for living, needs to be taken by the scruff of the neck and have every last drop squeezed from it.

To those who think the internet can't be a power for good - one question.

How d'you like them apples?

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