Saturday, 21 February 2009

The One That Wonders If They Believe In Anything. . .

Interesting to see how Peter Hain has responded to the news that the BNP took a seat on Sevenoaks Council. This may come as a huge surprise to you all, but I'm not a big fan of Hain, he reminds me of a spiv and I really can't think of a Labour politician I trust less. I don't hate him as much as some of them, seeing Brown, Blears, Harperson, Straw, Mandlesnake, Smith et al almost drives me to violence, I see Hain and when he speaks a little voice in my head says 'Let's be clear, the moon is made of cheese, I invented Thursdays and when Tony Blair takes a piss, a stream of rose petals issues forth.'

Anyhow, being a founder member of the Anti-Nazi League, Hain is obviously very concerned about this and other recent success. I must admit, I'm not concerned about it at all, I dislike the BNP intensely but I see the value in them having a degree of success because the BNP do not attract votes, people are driven to voting for them by the main political parties being so terribly, rage inducingly piss poor. Even now the fact that BNP have taken a sizeable chunk of Labour's vote in Sevenoaks (no swing to or from the Tories who remained static) is being dismissed as a protest vote. I really do hope the BNP take a seat or two in the next General Election, you can't claim it is a protest then, it is a verdict on the self-serving hopelessness of the big three.

So how to stop this march towards the facist, authoritarian distopia that the BNP would provide and ensure we carry on the march towards the facist, authoritarian distopia that New Labour are ushering in? It would be terrible to live in a totalitarian state, can you imagine living in a country where you are banned from protesting, kept under constant surveillance, issued with papers to be provided on demand, subject to detention without charge by a politicised police force? It would be. . . oh. . . hang on. . . shit! Why didn't anyone see this was happening? I mean, they said it was for our own safety, they said people were coming up to ministers on the street and asking when they could have ID Cards, was this a fib? Have we been subjected to a propaganda campaign? Next they'll be nationalising banks and talking about taking the means of industrial production into hand by sinking large amounts of public funds into things like car manufacture. . . oh fuck. . . it's happening isn't it? And what happens to all these draconian laws when a BNP government takes over? Jesus, we've laid the groundwork for them.

Quick, got to stop them getting into power, how do we do that? How does a Labour party with policies the total opposite of the BNP defeat this menace?

Hain's had a good idea, rather than engage in debate with them and show them up to be the narrow minded thugs they are, albeit with similar concerns to some of the electorate, Hain has decided that the best way is to adopt some of their policies! So much for being a founder member of the ANL then.

He suggests the government needs to make sure local workers are given priority for jobs over nasty foreigners. Well, that's a step, when are we leaving the EU, then? What's next? Banning the teaching of Islam in schools? I'd support that, but only if it were in partnership of all religious teaching in school, there's no room or need for it. What about all the foreigners who leak through the airports and the channel seaports? We can't keep giving houses to them, it takes housing that is rightfully that of our young teenage single mothers.

By adopting one or two of the BNP's policies, Labour will seek to claw back the more moderate of the BNP supporters in the fold. The big difference being that the BNP would indeed deliver on their promises if given the opportunity, you have to at least respect them for that, Labour are, yet again, making promises that they have no intention of keeping, nor any prospect of unless there is a MAJOR shift in their policy.

The outcome? More of the same, when the public realise that they are being lied to, it will increase the BNP share of the vote, not decrease it and Labour will continue to be the architect of their own downfall.

The final question I have, is there nothing that Labour will not say or do to cling desperately on to power? It doesn't look like it to me. If they were being honest they'd say, look, this foreign workers thing, that's the EU for you, we're in it, we're not going to countenance leaving it so either back us or vote elsewhere. But they won't do that because it would cost them votes and that is more important than honesty or integrity. The same goes for all of the big three.

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