Saturday, 21 February 2009

The One That Says It Could Never Happen Here. . .

Ha! Those Irish! How naive are they? They think that if they turn out in sufficient numbers, make a big old fuss and say things like:

I am sick and tired of the way this government conducts itself and what it's doing to this country." "I've worked all my life, I've never broke the law, never walked out on strike. Instead I've went to work and done my job, I've a mortgage to pay, I've children to put through school, and now I'm being told I have to take cutback, after cutback, after cutback.'
that things will change. Well, perhaps they might in Ireland, Iceland, or Lithuania or Umbongoland or somewhere, but not here in the UK.

No, our politicians are proper sociopaths, all that would happen here is that protesting would be made illegal, police would be given riot training and extended powers to deal with people who have the temerity to voice dissent and would probably find themselves locked up for a long, long time. The politicians would carry on, because they are right, even if they are wrong, they are right, they are on a mission to save us and this mission must be seen through to the end, even if it means us all being destroyed.

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The Filthy Engineer said...

"Protesting would be made illegal."

Already is in parliament square

"Police would be given riot training"

They've been getting that since August.

"Extended powers."

RIPA, and don't you dare photo a Plod act.

"even if it means us all being destroyed."

We're pretty well fucked already.