Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The One That Wants To Know Why. . .

A colleague of mine was involved in an accident today, not snow related, on his way into work. Indeed only about two hundred metres from our workplace - a Romanian HGV decided to take out the side of his car. He's fine. His car's screwed.

Whilst going out for a ciggie I espied him sat in a police car out the front of our building talking to a female police officer (I'm not sure if he got her number) who had been kind enough to give him a lift into the office. I couldn't help but notice the police car he was in was displaying a tax disc. I'd never pondered this before.

I'm assuming that the money from the taxpayer gets paid to the police, who then pass it on to the DVLA for a tax disc on a car which has been bought by the tax payer, which has all its running costs covered by the tax payer in order to serve the tax payer.

Can anyone please explain to me what some complete arse-clown was thinking when they decided that the emergency services had to have tax discs? Why? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

In a previous life I worked for Customs. They had a special "tax" disk showing they were exempt from road tax, they also had Crown immunity and no conventional insurance. It seems to me the current trend is for increased bureaucracy. More jobs for potential liebour voters presumeably?

Sarah said...

Please, please, please feature this post. I am not a god botherer but I found this mint. I suspect that even the bible bashers have had enough of 'free speech' when it means in a Christian Country even the Christians voice is un heard. I reckon they are fighting back. Eye for an Eye etc. Lets see how many complaints this gets. Bearing in mind it's not just Christians, it's a group of The Christian party, the Trinitarian Bible Society and the Russian Orthodox Church. I have no God but if the 'Righteous' can do it so can any one else. Lets see how much coverage the Bollocking Bastard Cunts and the Daily wail give this one.