Monday, 2 February 2009

The One That Will NOT Comply. . .

More bollock juggling from a government department and a 'charidee'.

I'm not going to do a full fisking here. I don't have the patience, but two quotes jump out and hit me in the face.


children's lives in Britain have become "more difficult than in the past [...] more young people are anxious and troubled".

Well I should think so. Without getting all misty eyed and nostalgic, when I was a kid and off school, my mum wouldn't see me for hours and hours, although she would always know what I was doing, who I was with, where I was doing it and when I would be back. There was nothing uncommon or unusual about my social and recreational life as a child.

Now there are two camps. There are those whose parents couldn't give a toss about, have no direction, no aspiration and no self respect. Then there are those who aren't given space to breath by their parents who are petrified that the nonces on every street corner hiding in the bushes will screw their arses raw, or they'll have drugs forced upon them, or will have an accident from scraping a knee to breaking an arm, so are kept inside. Or (and) they are brow beaten my a government that is obsessed with measuring, charting and appraising every facet of their development, whilst telling them they are too fat/stupid/unhealthy/clever/dangerous/in danger and a whole host of other things.

Kids aren't free to be kids any more, just like rest of us they are hectored and lectured all day, every day. Kids aren't stupid and they know what's going on, they just know there's sod all they can do about it.

Then there's little nugget:

Individual freedom and self-determination bring many blessings, [. . .] But in Britain... the balance has tilted too far

No. Fuck you. The balance is not skewed by individual freedoms and self-determination it is skewed by the complete removal of any responsibility for one's self or one's children.

The report says that selfish parents are a bad thing. Well tell us something we don't know. Of course it is. But how have these parents been made selfish? Is it down to the fact they are told that they are entitled to free money, for doing nothing? Is it down to the fact that those who decide to support themselves without the asphyxiating grip of the state are punished for their decision and must work twice as hard to get that which is given to those who take the handouts? Is it down to the fact that some people are just selfish bastards and would be bad parents regardless?

The answer to all the above is 'yes.'

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