Monday, 23 February 2009

The One That Is Full Of Admiration . . .

David Blunkett earlier today when he realised he had a great chance to stick the knife in.

Sometimes I think I may have got some people wrong. I always thought that Blunkett was an authoritarian wankstain with no more right to live on God's green Earth than a weasel. It turns out I could be wrong.

In a stunning about face, he's due to tell Essex Uni's law students that Britain is in danger of becoming a 'Big Brother state.'

Christ on a bloody bike. Next week, Pol Pot will be popping along to warn people that working in fields can be, like, really bad for you if you don't take a breather every now and then, followed by Adolf Hitler warning against the threat of gas chambers.

Blunkett must have balls the size of fucking grapefruits to stand up in a public forum and say:

'It is not simply whether the intentions are benign, undoubtedly they are, but whether they are likely to be misused and above all what value their use may have.'

Let me guess David, the big boys made you bring all this shit in when you were Home Sec. Did they threaten to steal your dog or something? Or is it just that your mate Tony isn't about anymore, you don't like Gordon very much and you can't wait to stick the knife in?

Leg Iron is quite right when he says that there's no loyalty amongst The Righteous, they are the most self-centred, ruthlessly ambitious bunch of arseholes out there and God help you if you look a bit wobbly, because they will descend upon you like a pride of lions on a lame zebra.

Even taking into account that Blunkett has discovered a Libertarian heart, forged in the fires of the Peoples' Republic of South Yorkshire, he betrays his true authoritarian leanings.

'Let's make me popular! I think we should scrap ID cards!' The crowds will carry him shoulder high from the room, cheering and singing his name, especially when he chips in with 'holding a passport would become compulsory for all British people, who could choose to opt in to the ID card scheme if they wished'

Thicker than bottled pig shit. . .

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