Friday, 6 February 2009

The One That Is Trying To Get The Firelighters Going. . .

These stories just won't go away, will they? This was reported a few days ago in the Australian media, I wonder why, a few days later, the BBC are running it now? What's going on? What's happened in Westminster that they're trying to distract us from?

Let's check Gordon Brown's wiki page.

Gordon Brown was born in Govan, Glasgow. (Scottish. Check)

He suffered a retinal detachment after being kicked in the head during an end-of-term rugby union match at his old school. He was left blind in his left eye (One eye. Check.)

His being an idiot sadly isn't confirmed on his Wiki page, that remains a matter of opinion. Although I'd submit it was the majority opinion.

Now the Righteous are calling for his head, of course the BBC won't sack him, he's the show that produces amongst the highest ratings they have. Plus he owns the format, so if they kick him out, I'd imagine ITV, C4, Five, Sky and everyone else will be lining up waving a dirty great big blank cheque, it would be the easiest advertising time to sell, not to be sniffed at in these times.

The thing is, Clarkson probably doesn't give a shit. In fact press him and he'd probably say worse. The whining of the fake charities will go into overdrive, I'd stand there and applaud Clarkson.

So, Righteous, fuck off, won't you? All he's done is state matters of fact, will you be squealing so loud the next time a Jock MP or MSP makes an anti-English crack in their respective chamber? Thought not.


Clarkson's apologised. If only the monocular Caledonian fuckwit would do the same. He's offended me, can we demand he lose his job in an annoying high pitched whine?

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