Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The One That Thinks He's Peaked Too Early. . .

Blimey, they're not even in power and the Tories seem to be on the make already.

Patrick Vessey puts it very nicely over on the LPUK blog.

I really do marvel at the arrogance of these twits, how many Labour types have been caught out when securing funding from iffy sources? Did they really think no-one would notice? Did they think we'd be so stupid as not to care. Or, as I think most likely, did they just think that we'd mind our own bloody business and wouldn't dare take an interest in what they were up to.

A good example of why, no matter how bad Labour are and will get, I will not be lending my vote to the Conservatives. My old mucker Mac The Knife put it best when we had a chat the other day (BTW, where are you Mac? You've been very quiet recently), I put forward the theory that nothing, nothing could be as bad as the current shower sitting on the government benches. His world weary reply? 'That's what they said about the Weimar Republic.'

I've said it before, and I'll say it again;

PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY OF THESE FUCKERS. Forget ZNL, the Cons and the Limp-Dems, they are all the same, the change is negligible. Putting the Tories in is the equivalent of opening the cage door and managing to get rid of the very hungry tiger that is eyeing you up, only for a pack of rabid dogs to run in.

Obviously I'll say pick the UK Libertarian Party, but fuck it, pick anybody, anybody but those three collections of corrupt, deceitful, avaricious, self-serving fucktards.

They must be pissing themselves laughing. I can only imagine George calling over to Dave at Millbank. 'Hey Dave, even after this, the retards are still saying they'll vote for us. Bugger me, these bastards are so stupid. Imagine what we can do once we get in!'

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