Monday, 13 October 2008

The One That Would Have Used It . . .

This story which crossed my line of sight at the always entertaining Magistrate's Blog.

A judge has ordered the Crown Prosecution Service to make a public apology to a gardener who was arrsted and taken to court for carrying a scythe which he said he needed for his work.

Oh for crying out loud. What is wrong with these people? Look, it is perfectly acceptable to bang on about the politicos interfering in the police and the introduction of targets and blah, blah, blah. But some prick in a uniform has (very arguably) considered the situation and felt this guy's collar.

COME ON! PLEASE, USE YOUR BLOODY BRAIN, WON'T YOU? He's a bloody gardener, of course he's got a scythe, and probably a sickle, pruning shears, a saw and all sorts. What next? Raids on butcher's shops because they've got cleavers? Why not nick the local armed response unit? They're driving around with bloody guns in the car.

The CPS should be forcibly marched from 'zance to Truro, naked, and then whipped in front of the cathederal for being such, stupid, unthinking, inhuman, thick as bottled shit idiots.

To get to court, this case must have passed through the PC, the custody Sarge, an Inspector, a caseworker, a huge number of CPS officers and no-one, not one bloody one of them, had the sense to say to themselves 'hey, let's just stop for a moment and consider this situation.' Every person that encountered this case should have the costs of this ridiculous episode deducted from their wages plus some compo for the poor old sod.

Give me strength. . .

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Anonymous said...

As part of my work, I sometimes carry samples containing dangerous bacteria. They are securely sealed (I make sure of that) and I never, ever leave them on the train. It's unthinkable. Only a complete moron would do something like that.

God only knows what they'd do to me if they decided to stop and search! If they open one of the containers they might wonder why I'm silent. It'll be because I'm holding my breath.

There'd be a lot of apologies in that case, and not just to me.