Monday, 30 May 2011

Schnell! Kerzen kaufen!

So, the Euro, then. Those on the fringes are starting to drop like flies, this increases the strain on the bigger member states who are going to have to paddle like stink to prevent the ship from going under.

Not since the 1950's has German industry been so important, and not just to Germany now, who are going to have to ensure they have the financial clout to prop the currency up, but also to the others who are relying on that clout to ensure they don't end up eating out of dustbins.

Thankfully, German industry is one of the most efficient industrial programmes in the world, a real powerhouse, the envy of the rest of Europe.

Obviously, doing anything to damage that industry would be madness.

Wouldn't it?

Well, the German government has announced it is embarking on the biggest programme of industrial sabotage the world has ever seen.

Germany's coalition government has announced a reversal of policy that will see all the country's nuclear power plants phased out by 2022.


There have been mass anti-nuclear protests across Germany in the wake of March's Fukushima crisis, triggered by an earthquake and tsunami.

Which is kinda like the residents of a small town in the middle of Australia hitting the streets in panic about a flood in Cumbria. Earthquakes and tsunamis just aren't going to happen in Germany. But never mind, why let something simple like that get in the way of a good panic?

Mr Rottgen said the seven oldest reactors - which were taken offline for a safety review immediately after the Japanese crisis - would never be used again. An eighth plant - the Kruemmel facility in northern Germany, which was already offline and has been plagued by technical problems, would also be shut down for good.

Six others would go offline by 2021 at the latest and the three newest by 2022, he said.

Of course, by doing this, Germany has ensured that it is immune from any nuclear issues at all, should something happen in France (which is almost entirely reliant on nuclear power, sensible Froggies) any fall out will stop at the border. The town of Saarbrucken will be unaffected.

There's still a way to extract guilt money though, still a means to demand the tithe to the Great Green God.

Mr Rottgen said a tax on spent fuel rods, expected to raise 2.3bn euros (£1.9bn) a year from this year, would remain despite the shutdown.

So, you're going to continue taxing an industry which will have no means of generating any income? Thereby costing the private investors and pension funds millions, at a time when you've got no cash.


But how will they power their industry? The greens in the German coalition are going to be a bit sniffy about coal and gas fired stations, aren't they?

"The various studies from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. . ."

Oh, this is going to be good.

". . . show that renewables could deliver, basically, global electricity by 2050," he said.

"Germany is going to be ahead of the game on that and it is going to make a lot of money, so the message to Germany's industrial competitors is that you can base your energy policy not on nuclear, not on coal, but on renewables."
Making a lot of money? This is the same renewable energy industry that sucks up public money like an industrial pump and then pisses it all up the wall? That renewable industry?

A tip; if you want a BMW, Mercedes or VW car, make sure you buy one in the next ten years, because they'll not be making them in Germany before long.

Sell Euros, the currency is screwed after this, take the money and invest it in German candle sellers. They'll make a bomb.


Anonymous said...

.....and invest it German candle sellers. They'll make a bomb.

Just not a nuclear one.

Snowolf said...

Very good Anon.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Of course, by doing this, Germany has ensured that it is immune from any nuclear issues at all, should something happen in France (which is almost entirely reliant on nuclear power, sensible Froggies) any fall out will stop at the border. The town of Saarbrucken will be unaffected. XX

Ahh. But you are talking about subhuman, sub intelligent imbiciles here. Green party mellons (Green shells, deep commy bastard-scum red when you cut them down the middle), who have been brought up on the logic "If we have no nuclear weapons, the Soviet Union, in a fit of shame and repentence, will see the error of their ways, and give there weapons up as well."

THAT is the "logic" they are applying here. They think, Soviet Union like, France will go all coy, see the error of their ways, and get rid of their nuke popwer plants, "Just like Germany did!"

Mark Wadsworth said...

Don't take it so seriously!

"Es wird nie so heiss gegessen wie's gekocht wird', as they like to say.

Since time immemorial, the German government has been promsing to switch off nukes at some stage in the far future, but then along comes an oil price spike or something and they then defer it for a bit and then something else goes wrong (like France putting prices up a bit) and then they quietly drop the plans to switch them off.

And then when the ruling party sees its vote share dropping a bit, it promises to switch them off again to much applause all round, but so far it has never happened.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Hmm. O.K. But this time, the Green scum actualy won an election on the issue, for the first time in their history. (Nordrhein-Westfallen I believe). Knocking the "Governing CDU/CSU into third place.

Personal Home Inspector said...

With the recent nuclear failure in Japan no wonder why there stepping another precautionary measures. But having all said, knowing they are highly industrialized country it bugs me where would they get huge amount of energy to sustain their status of living?

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX With the recent nuclear failure in Japan Xx

When we consider what hit them, I am of the opinion that the power stations actualy did bloody well, and have amply proved that, for Europe, they are MORE than safe. Seen that we get many fewer Tsunamis than Japan, and earthquakes are ever so slightly less rumbustious.

Angry Exile said...

Is Merkel worried that everyone in Denmark will jump all at the same time? Good post, Snowolf. I was going to blog this but I reckon I'll just link to this.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget though that in this game of Climate Change Spoof our Dave will probably promise to close ours 5 years earlier than the Germans.

Show us your hand Dave. What's that a limp appendage and no balls!