Saturday, 26 March 2011

Selfishness and self-fulfilling prophecies.

Ever feel like you've been played for a fool?

I'm not sure why there's a big banner with Thatcher on it, though. Are these people aware that she left Number 10 over twenty years ago? You may as well march around with a banner proclaiming William I to be a bit of a rotter. Let it go.
I really do have sympathy for those staring down the barrel of the cuts, people are going to lose their jobs and that sucks. There are some who will imply that a large number of the (TUC) estimated 200,000 people are lazy, feckless and incompetent. A number of them will be, but nowhere near as much as some would have you believe. There are some who will imply that an equally large number of those marching will be of the opinion that that it is just and right that money be taken from people to fund their job whether it needs doing or not. Again, a number of them will be, but nowhere near as much as some would have you believe. There are also some who would have you believe that the majority of these people would protest against a Tory government regardless of what policies they put in place. Well, you get where I'm coming from.

What frustrates me are the simple facts that have been ignored and will continue to be ignored by the Unions. Firstly there is the myth that these cuts are savage. They aren't. Not even close. These cuts represent the bare minimum that any government who wants to present even a pretence at cutting the defecit could make. Government spending is increasing, taxation on the public is increasing. This is because of the enormous interest payments we must make. Government borrowing has never been greater.

Many Trade Unionists were howling with rage at Osborne's comments about the 50% income tax band being temporary. These Trade Unionists demand that their livelihoods be protected whilst others have their's ripped from them. They see no irony or disparity in this. The self proclaimed great bastions of equality and solidarity would happily see people left destitute. 'Oh, come on.' I hear you say. 'These people are rich, they can afford it.' Well, yes. But how long will they put up with it? With the sort of cash and skills they have, any country in the world would welcome them with open arms. What happens to the employees when the rich up sticks and move, taking their business with them? What then for the cleaners and clerks? The production line employees and drivers? The shop stewards? What happens when these people lose their jobs? When their tax revenue dries up? You think the cuts are savage now?

The marchers have been whipped up into a state of hysteria by the Trade Unions. It is all very well Brendan Barber, Mark Serwotka and Bob Crow calling for strikes, their very handsome pay packets are not subject to being docked when their members go out on strike. What do they care if someone loses a day's, two day's, a week's wages? Having used their muscle to get their man in the big chair at the Labour party against the wishes of the party membership, they will do anything to destabilise the government and have their puppet put in place, dancing on the end of a string which they hold in their fist. The multitude marching are footsoldiers in this campaign, unquestioningly following the orders handed down to them by their own 50% tax paying overlords. And they are paying for the privilege. I'd be speechless in admiration of the genius if it wasn't so utterly sinister.

We then have the political placemen in councils and government departments all over the country. After thirteeen years of Labour rule, the placemen in government departments accounts for pretty much all the senior managers, Labour ensured this was the case. Before the cuts they warned it was front-line services that would be hit, and by God they've made sure their prophecy has come true. I've seen it in my own department; front line staff being given the elbow whilst the cake eating, tofu promoting, community cohesion diversity outreach social engagement inclusivity officers continue to take home one and a half times the wage of those being given the heave-ho. Is it Cameron and Osborn handing out the P45's? No, it is those people installed by Labour ensuring their prophecies come to pass.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, there is no magic money tree. We have spent the last thirteen years spending, spending, spending, spending, spending, borrowing, borrowing, borrowing, borrowing, borrowing, taxing, taxing, taxing, taxing. The amount taken from us makes us the most taxed people in the world, the amount raised does not match the amount borrowed, the amount borrowed is less still than the amount spent, the amount that continues to be spent. It is always the result of a Labour government.

For thirteen years the Trade Unions have known about it, and they said nothing. They ceased to be bodies representing their members a long time ago, they are now political entities seeking to impose their view without recourse to anything as grubby as democracy. Their silence over the last thirteen years, when they knew full well that the cuts would come in the end, is a betrayal of their members. Now to further their own ends, they send their troops into battle. Sure some of them will fall, but what does it matter? They still have their £145,000 a year pay packets and now they have the leader of the opposition in their pockets.

This is not some idealogical crusade by the Conservatives, they'd spend like a drunken sailor in port to cement their own position, if they could - the fact is that they've smashed open the piggy bank to find a button, a washer and a startled spider are the contents. There is no money. OK? There is no money. Remember the letter? There is no money. I don't know how much more clearly it can be said. There is no money. There is no money. There is no money.

God help us if we end up in the same position as Greece, Ireland and Portugal, because there will be no bail-out. We'll be on our own. Or worse still, there will be a bail-out, and the strings that come attached do not bear thinking about.

I have a friend due to give birth in June. It will be her first child. I submit that it is the height of selfishness to expect this unborn child to spend their entire life in penury, just so you can continue your lifestyle of new telly, regular clothes purchases, meals out, cinema tickets and two holidays a year.

As a Trade Union member you'll have to accept that if you voted Labour (and you probably did) that you voted for this, you voted for the spending. You believed Gordon when he banged on about prudence and golden rules. When everyone else was warning you about it, you ignored them, because life was so good. It was so easy.

Like I said, it sucks. It is horrible. But like the alcoholic who has just one more drink, the smackhead who needs just one final hit, you've allowed yourself to become addicted to the cash. Well, I'm sorry, you do not have the right to demand money from the unborn. Granted, you didn't spend the cash, but you gave the OK for people to do it for you. You have the right to vote, but all rights come with responsibilities. You exercised your right. It is now time to be responsible.

The really mindblowing thing is that Labour will be back in power again one day. You'll put them there. Despite every lesson of history telling you otherwise, you'll expect a different outcome next time. It is insanity.


William said...

"Firstly there is the myth that these cuts are savage."

No the myth is there are cuts!
Net spending by those in office is rising, the number of people who get taxpayers largesse may be smaller but I'll lay odds that come this day next year the numbers in employment will be identical or even slightly up.
The reason behind these marches is to carry on the pretence that the parties are different and therefore we live in a democracy. A classic smoke and mirrors campaign by those with a vested interest in having the majority of people living in fear of anarchy.
Belgium is a country where anarchy reigns and as far as I can tell there is no downside.

As for public sector workers losing their jobs, boo hoo. As the myth that is money is going to be at the heart of life for the foreseeable future, the next five minutes then, even the thickest public secotr worker must realise that if the private sector is struggling to provide real employment then their position, no matter what it is must be under threat?

Or am I crediting them with having too much intelligence?
Probably the latter as they will vote red because its red and they will pay their union dues now matter how much pain their 'union leaders' put them through.

Call me Infidel said...

The problem is Britain as a whole has lived beyond its means for decades. The past thirteen years were an opportunity to finally do something about the absurd levels of welfare spending, but the monocular tool from Fife prevented it.

I almost wish the Sewer Party had won last year so they could explain to these half-wits exactly what they planned to do to service Britain's debt. I am singularly unimpressed with the coalition's approach at tackling the problem so far. Though they are between a rock and a hard place in some respects.

Balls is a twat but there is some truth in his claim that cutting too quickly will do more harm than good. Unfortunately there is little room to manouvere. If cuts are not made the markets will smell blood and force up the bond market. We can't just continually print more money much as Milibrain and Balls-up might like to as our creditors are not stupid.

The current projections of getting the deficit to zero by 2015 are dependant on relatively low interest rates. So by 2015 all we have to do is to start paying off the debt, plus of course the interest on the debt! However If we are put in the position of Ireland or Greece with interest rates at 8% there will be some real pain.

These jokers from the TUC are beneath contempt. They must know how serious this situation is. I honestly feel now that we are in a slow burn to a world war. The parallels with the 1930's are quite disturbing. I hope I am wrong, but the situation in the Middle east is looking increasingly ugly and a fight over resources looks to me quite likely in the not too distant future.

This article in the Telegrapgh sums up the economic situation quite well.

Ian R Thorpe said...

Labour MPs and their supporters seem to have forgotten Brown's wretched government was very close to calling in the IMF. So if these placard waving morons think the current curs are tough they should be made aware of the austerity measures being imposed on Greece and Ireland and soon to be imposed on Portugal