Thursday, 31 March 2011

Adverts we'll never see again - Part 7.

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Anonymous said...

That black man serving the white man, that is still true today, only they call it rich white liberal progressive ruling class elites and by exercising full ownership of the word "goodness" they have simply managed to fool everyone into thinking what was so in the past, isn't still the same in the present. Good job too as nobody will figure out the low education scores, high abortion rates and predominance of welfare funding has managed to keep the minority races downtrodden, not with all that "goodness" abounding in the white rich liberal progressive propaganda that holds things together.

If doctors were smart they would all start smoking Camels and go back to setting a normal role model again instead of kicking 80 year old granny smoker in the teeth for being human. Instead they're too pre-occupied wondering where all their grant money and if their bribes from pharmaceutical cheques are already in the mail and on time.

The world's turned into a corrupt pile of dung and that's why these advertisements from the past will never see light of day again, in fact just the opposite as evil has taken hold.

That is just my opinion, what I believe.