Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Crisis of confidence.

I think I'm losing it folks. I just don't know where to start.

Another politician, this time a sitting MP, pleads guilty to pilfering on a pretty grand scale. Of course this story has been running for ages now. But really, an elected representative shamelessly stealing from the public? In 21st Century Europe? Really? I am still shocked by this. How dare they? It is easy to say this and that about our politicians, but the realisation that our political class really are that venal, that arrogant is a betrayal which makes me as sad as it does angry.

Yet, a stupid sixth form student, who has shown genuine remorse for his actions, backed up a mother who must have searched her soul to the very depths before advising him to turn himself in has been sent to prison for two and a half years. He undoubtedly deserves prison time, but does he deserve more than a man who stole with such ruthless, methodical cynicism? I would submit not. And he never tried to argue he was above the law. Yes, he could have killed someone, but he didn't. Yes, he took the right to peaceful protest and stamped all over it, but pretty much every government has done worse in our name.

Like trying to stop people receiving vaccinations against a disease we're all told to be very very very scared of. Really? What do you want to do? Hang on to the vaccine so people you don't like won't get it?

The BBC, the organisation which perhaps represents best the modern attitude of equality, diversity and a whole host of other left wing policies has been found guilty of age discrimination (and in my opinion, were lucky not to be found guilty of sex discrimination as well) in such a fashion that the Guardianistas would have been screaming for blood had it been any other organisation or business in the country. Really? Really? I mean, how? Or is this another case of rules only applying to the little people?

Then to top it all, some complete arsehole has stolen a meerkat from my local wildlife park, a place I am very fond of, because. . . well, why? Why would you steal a meerkat? Lovely little buggers they are, very endearing, and yes they are high profile because of the advertising campaign, but as a house pet? No. That's not going to work. They are social animals and I should imagine when in distress will make a real mess of someone's house. I fear that when this becomes apparent in the next couple of days, the poor little sod will end up dead in a dustbin.

What I want to know is this, has the world really gone totally barking? Am I the only sane one about, or is it me that is the nutter? Because I'm having real trouble squaring this circle.


PT Barnum said...

Not forgetting the custody sergeant found guilty of rape and sexual assault of arrested women and given two life sentences, which apparently now means 7 and a half years.

And the BBC has been leading with the (tragic) murder of an Irish citizen and an Arizonan mass killing.

I've lost the plot too, I think

Bill said...

and the rescue story to surpass the Chilean miners that goes unreported in our press.


Because those at risk and doing the rescuing are Russians?
Because the conditions don't fit the AGW scam criteria?
Because there is no 'scare factor' in the story?
Because the Russians don't need outside 'aid'?

Perm any one from four!

Michael Fowke said...

I never had the plot.