Thursday, 27 January 2011

What goes around comes around.

Lord Prescott criticises Met's handling of phone-hacking inquiry.

Courtesy of This Is London.

"I just don't trust the Metropolitan Police to conduct a proper inquiry," he said.

"I can't trust them to carry out a proper inquiry and that's why I asked the courts for a judicial review on the Metropolitan Police and the way they've conducted investigations."

You reap what you sow, John. This sort of thing was fine all the time your lot were holding the Commish's leash, but now the other lot have got their turn, all of a sudden a politically directed police force ain't so much fun, is it?

Did you really think that Cameron would allow the sniffer dogs to be set free whilst his comms bod was in the firing line? Would you have done it? No. Of course not.

Thing is, you had 13 years to make sure this sort of thing could never happen, but you embraced the concept of being able to call the shots over police actions completely, without hesitation and without reservation.

Tough shit.

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