Sunday, 16 May 2010

The One That Is Preparing The Litmus Papers. . .

Right, a week into the gig (almost) and the first test of Cameron's honesty is almost upon us, and the first test of how well those old Major era Europe cracks have healed over.

Eurosceptic MPs will renew calls for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty when it comes up for debate again in parliament in the coming weeks.

Give us the referendum, you bastards.

A new amendment to the treaty - expected to be rubberstamped by EU leaders in June - will require ratification at Westminster.

Well, that bunch of tossers would expect it to be rubberstamped, wouldn't they? If they drew up a treaty dissolving all nations in the EU and a reformation in one giant super-state, the EU leaders would expect all the parliaments to meekly file into the room and to sign themselves out of existence. That is because, and let's be frank here, they are unspeakable power-hungry cunts who make our domestic politicans look like the very model of altruism.

The Foreign Office says it is only a technical adjustment.

Well, Wolfers says the FCO can go fuck itself with a rusty spike.

But some Tories are set to use the process to call for a vote, despite David Cameron already ruling one out.

Well that demonstrates why I'm slightly more sympathetic towards the Tories than I am Labour, although that's like saying I'm slightly more sympathetic towards serial killers than I am serial nonces, at least some of the Tories are prepared to stick their heads above the parapets.

But Cameron has already ruled a refendum out. Well, there's a surprise. New politics? My hairy, worm ridden arse. He's in now, we'd do well to shut the fuck up and do as we're told.

Don't think you can buy me off with the trinkets of ID cards etc, you gave me a promise, a cast iron guarantee, you utter mongtard. You'd better fucking stick to it. Not because I'll come after you, but because the Tory membership have very short tempers and can get rid of a leader before they've finished their cornflakes of a morning, and they really, really want this vote. You'd better stick to it, not because Boris is probably itching for the first halfway safe Tory seat to come up for by-election, but because you've got a hundred new MPs sat in the House, all of whom are aware of what it said in your manifesto about EU treaties and are probably full of zeal and an ideal of what it means to be an MP.

Clock's ticking, David.

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John R said...

"The Foreign Office says it is only a technical adjustment."

Ah yes, the only government department staffed entirely with traitors.

Referendum now!!