Saturday, 29 May 2010

The One That Can't Be Arsed. . .

I was going to blog about how Prescott is going to be made Lord Prescott of Melton Mowbray or whatever, but to be honest what's the point?

I was going to blog about David Laws' piss taking over expenses and the accompanying sob story about how it isn't his fault, it's because he's gay.

Here's a newsflash David, we don't care if you like to put it up another man's bottom, believe me, it really isn't that important, I get as animated about homosexuality as I do about people who like the novels of Dick Francis or enjoy eating spinach, it's an irrelevance.

I'm guessing that most people who vote Lib-Dem are similarly unconcerned about a bit of bum fun as well.

What I do get animated about is you using your sexuality as an excuse for the way you've claimed these expenses.

I give up, I really do. Of course new politics was bullshit, of course Labour would look after their own (and the Tories, I see Howard is now Count of Transylvania or whatnot). I'm at a loss as to what the solution is.

I'm not even angry to be honest.

What's the fucking point?

1 comment:

John R said...

Nil illegitemus cardorundum!!

Dont let the bastards grind you down. Then they win.

Come on, you know that Lord Prescott of all the Pies should be ridiculed at every possible moment. We should register him for a thousand copies of Pie Eater Monthly or some such publication.

David Laws should be fired for being the thieving little trougher that we now know he is. He should be visited by the law and get a change of address to soemwhere with bars on the windows - and, if there was any justice, so should a whole heap of other little piggies from the House of Conmen.

But never let them win!