Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The One That Is Embracing The Change. . .

It is heartening that in these uncertain times some aspects of our concerns about process and propriety are listened to.

For too long we’ve been exposed to the spectre of electoral fraud and the tacit acceptance, perhaps even encouragement, of nakedly tribal and partisan voting.

It seems like for years that the cries and objections over a corrupt, ineffective and unfair voting system have been increasing in volume, and now, finally, it would appear that in the face of insurmountable pressure those in authority have finally given in and at will at least make an effort to look like they are willing to make that vital change.

It is so frustrating to know that your precious vote when cast will not effect the outcome of the contest in any significant way, and if we are to talk about organisations operating in a truly democratic manner, then this anomaly cannot be tolerated.

Thankfully it now looks as if we’ll have real and significant changes in place next time we have the opportunity to make our voices heard. Granted it will not be perfect, there is still scope for a large tribal vote to have a significant say in the outcome, but that is not the fault of the system. You cannot call for an equitable system and then complain when the result you want is not forthcoming. People’s votes are there own to do with as they see fit, but it is important that everyone’s vote carries the same weight. This is something that has been lacking in recent contests.

It is also true that a number of largely unaccountable professional wonks will also have a great bearing in what the final outcome looks like. Whilst far from ideal, it is an improvement on what has gone before, and I’m a believer in evolution being better than revolution.

Yes folks, the changes are coming, and are unlikely to stop at the next time, or the time after that. If we call for it, if we demand it, they will have to give it to us. It is, after all, OUR money backing this show up, money that is taken from us under threat of imprisonment.

So I for one am delighted that the scam of Eurovision voting has been overhauled. This is a critical issue in modern democratic process and is something we’ve needed to address for a long, long time.

You can now vote for your favourite before they’ve even gone on stage to sing ‘Fikk Fakk Fukk’ or their heart-rending ballad about a young Moldovan goat herd being interfered with by his step-father.

Get your tribal votes in early!

Unfortunately the songs will still be shit. Norton will still be annoying and not even half as funny as good ol’ Tel was. The show will overrun by a good 45 mins and be full of saccharine mawkish imagery. But you know that you just won’t be able to help yourself come May 29th, it’s like passing a crash on the opposite carriageway or sitting across from a young child conducting a deep-seam nasal investigation, you just can’t resist.

Uggggh, dirty.

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