Friday, 21 May 2010

The One That Is Marvelling . . .

Election time is over, let the stupidity begin!

Where to start? There really are some idiots out there.

Let's start with the cabin crew at BA, pictured standing outside the High Court singing 'We are the champions' as the injunction on their strike was overturned. I'm very pleased for you. CF has a very eloquent rant on the stupidity of their stance. If they've not driven the final nail into their own coffin, then they've certainly lined it up and whacked their thumb with the hammer.

I went on holiday a couple of months ago and BA were cheaper by about £50 per ticket and the take off and landing times in London were much more convenient for me, but I chose to fly Virgin. Why? Simple, I knew that the Virgin staff would turn up for work. Anyone booking a BA flight at the moment must be doing so with fingers crossed in hope. As CF points out, who is going to trust BA now? The holidaymakers won't, the business men and women won't, who does that leave? No-one. BA will be dead by the time the decade is out, and then where will these cabin crew be? I'll tell you, they'll be whining at the government for not taking our money off us and putting it in their pockets whilst they get paid a shitload more than the staff at Virgin, get free flights and all the other perks.

Tough shit. There's thousands of people who'd love to have your job. I'm sure a long haul flight is hard work, I have no doubt that the travelling public are the biggest collection of idiots and arseholes you'll ever encounter, but really, you've got it very easy and you're throwing it all away. Your loss, not mine, I've plenty of choice, see you later on.

OH then links to more stupid. This time from an article in the Graun.

The poor old MPs are having a tough time of it. They're not being given unfettered access to our money.

Aw, diddums. Here's a point, we've just had an election. If the T&C's of your employment were so onerous, why the bloody hell did you stand? Are you simple? This sort of thing just underlines how little this new politics differs from the old:

We just have to accept this because the public is not with us. It will take something really horrendous, such as a woman MP being stabbed on the streets of London because she is not entitled to take a taxi home late at night, before people wake up and realise how unfair this is.

Really? Has there been some new Act passed which forbids politicians to stand on Whitehall with their hand in the air, hailing a cab, telling the nice man where they want to go and then putting their hand in their own pocket, rather than mine, and paying the fare?

No-one pays for my transport from work to home. I have to pay for that myself. And it's not as if you're having to pay for transport from Penzance or Perth to Westminster, is it? No, you're getting a cab to your second home. A second home paid for by me.

If one of you get stabbed on the street, then perhaps you'll have an understanding of the world the rest of us live in. Now, let's think, who could possibly change that world?

Thirteen years of Labour's entitlement culture, why am I surprised? They've been telling everyone how they are deserving of this and that. Not any more, that ship has sailed.

This new government is ticking some boxes at the moment. The civil liberties thing is going down very well with me. I also enjoyed Sarko's very glum expression when Cameron was talking last night. No doubt the odious little shit was browbeating Dave for our bizarre decision to have stayed out of the Euro thus far, and the even more peverse decision to stay as far away from this phoney currency as we possibly can now. These Greek retirees with their huge state pensions and French farmers being paid an awful lot to produce fuck all aren't going to feed themselves, you know. It's our duty to bankrupt ourselves even further, to take food from our own childrens' mouths just to ensure these lazy, corrupt, grasping arseclowns can continue to be kept in the style to which they have become accustomed.

Sorry Jean-Paul, you're own your own. You spent years trying to block our produce in direct contravention of the free-trade rules and now you come crying to us because you're broke? Three points: 1 - Fuck you. 2 - We're broke too. 3 - Fuck you.

The sooner this corrupt, anti-democratic and protectionist currency and international experiment comes crashing down, the better. Hopefully Cameron digging his heels in will hasten that collapse.

Yes, it's all being going quite nicely from my point of view. Oh, hello? What's this?

The UK's coalition government has pledged to ban the sale of alcohol below cost price in an effort to cut binge drinking in England and Wales.

The plan is likely to ban retailers from running loss leader promotions on lager, wine and alcopops.

The coalition said that it would also review alcohol taxation and pricing and strengthen licensing powers.

You stupid, stupid fucks. Can you not make the connection? Is it so difficult, or are you just so hard of thinking? What is the difference between:

There were some bad apples who did terrible things with their expenses. The system had to change. But decent people in all parties are being treated in an infantile way.

And then bumping up the price of booze because:

Police officers frequently report that some of the young people they deal with arrive in pubs well on the way to being drunk thanks to cheap alcohol bought and consumed earlier in the evening.

Do you see? Do as you would be done by. You've treated us like this for years, and now you're getting some back. Not very nice, is it? Good. I hope it makes you miserable, you arrogant, preaching righteous fucks.

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