Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The One That Wants The PM To Stop The Snow. . .

Heavy snowfall is going to be very bad, and the Prime Minister needs to do something to stop it, now.

Except we all know there's nothing he can do to stop the white stuff falling from the sky. It's coming and there's bugger all we can do about it.

Why would I state the obvious like this? Simple, because Frank Field and the 'Balanced Migration Group' seem to think that the major parties can stop or cap immigration at 70 million.

Former minister Frank Field is among those arguing current immigration rates, unless restricted, will impact on public services and quality of life.

The Balanced Migration Group said the BNP continued to exploit the issue.

Labour says its points-based migration system is working but the Tories want an annual cap on incoming workers.

Well, you can introduce as many points based systems as you like, but still you ignore the elephant in the room.

I don't need to point out what it is to you, except to say that we can restrict Sri Lankan doctors, Australian working holiday makers and Indian software engineers as much as we like. But all the time the population of twenty odd countries can decide on a whim to come and move over here, tinkering about on the edge is like seeing if removing the teaspoons will stop you repeatedly and violently slamming your fingers in the cutlery drawer.

It is madness to come up with solutions that won't sort the issue, and then to make a big fuss about dreaming up these solutions, when everyone can see what the answer is. The problem being that those we pay to come up with the solutions will not consider the simplest and only effective one. They won't even discuss it. They won't even acknowledge its existence.

I'm off to my garden to institute a points based system for the snowflakes that want to land there.

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banned said...

Oi Gordon, the snow has finally arrived here in the balmy southwest and the schools will close the day after they re-opened. What you gonna do about it ?