Sunday, 17 January 2010

The One That Is Saying 'Oh Great, What Do I Do Now?'. . .

So UKIP are considering calling for the banning of the burqa.


I don't particularly care for the burqa, I think it alienates the wearer from the rest of the world, but hey, if people want to wear one, then that's their choice. This is the whole point of Libertarianism, isn't it? Do as you will, save harming others? Well people wearing burqas do me no harm at all, so go for it.

This intended ban is lazy, achieves nothing and just demonstrates that UKIP are just like the Tories, LimpDims, Labour, Greens and the BNP. It's not about reflecting peoples' views, it's about changing peoples' views and behaviour to suit their ideals. It is still 'Vote for us and do as you're told.'

Well, fuck that for a game of soldiers, not with my consent, you won't.

I'm not anticipating an LPUK candidate in my constituency for the next GE, indeed my feelings are that until we build some sort of foundation at the town/city/borough and county council level, we're in danger of building castles on sand. We have to play a very long game indeed. Even so, UKIP were amongst the front runners for my vote, just because the EU question is one that I believe is central to our future as a country. Well, not after that little stunt, fuck you, UKIP. I'll vote for the indie or spoil my paper. Again.

I would hope that if we do get into a position where our press releases and policies are given mainstream media coverage, that we as a party would refrain from this sort of rubbish, that we would stick to our principles rather than rubbing our hands with glee at the prospect of pushing the buttons.

Bang goes the argument that UKIP aren't some swivel eyed racist party. From where I'm sitting we have the collectivist racists of the BNP and the capitalist racists of UKIP. I'll back capitalist over collectivist any day of the week, but factor in racism, and you can fuck right off.

What a bunch of knob-jockeys.


banned said...

Disapointing indeed but I'll still be voting for them as their only real policy is to get us out of Europe.
Might have been different if dippy Dave hadn't been so dippy.

Call me Infidel said...

My initial thoughts on this were the same as yours. It is an attempt to pander to potential BNP supporters. However on considering it I have actually come around to the opposite view. I disagree that this is racist. If you accept that then you are claiming islam is a race and not a religion, or in my view a death cult. The point is that there is nothing in the koran which says women should wear a bodybag. All it says is they should dress modestly. The wearing of a binbag is control freakery from misogynistic desert dwelling barbarians. It has no place in Britain. If they want to wear desert clobber then fuck off to a desert.