Friday, 2 October 2009

The One That Says 'Oh, They WILL, Will They?'. . .

Just sat here watching Sky News, the chap doing the bit to camera in Dublin about the Lisbon Treaty has just made the point that if the Irish vote 'Yes', (and how I hope the opinion polls are wrong, that people have being fibbing to the pollsters or that in the polling station they just think 'Fuck you' and vote 'No'), that the Poles and Czechs will HAVE to ratify.

Will they? As sad as it is that the Irish constitution is the only one in the Europe Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to have any faith in its population's capacity for abstract thought, is it right that their decisions should influence, or force, the policy of another sovereign state?

Well, if the 'Yes' vote wins today, then get used to it, because the wishes of our national parliament and therefore (at least, on paper) the wishes of the electorates will be perpetually forced by the actions of a group immeasurably smaller than the group they hold power over. I speak not of the 3 million Irish with effective dominion over 497 million other 'EU Citizens', but of the fucktardish pen pushers, troughers and self appointed rulers sitting in Brussels.

And they will indeed hold power over us. Already Bliar is apparently a shoe-in for the job of President of the EU. Did you receive a polling card? I didn't. I didn't get the chance to vote for our commissioner, never have, believe me, there's no fucking way I'd have voted for Kinnock or Mandleson.

An apparent Republic with a population of 500 million, none of whom have had the opportunity to elect their President or those who make the laws that govern them. There's a name for a regime like that.

We've never had a say since 1975 - that's before I was born, and this was not the deal on the table. I was disgusted to hear a colleague of mine who describes himself as being 'Liberal' and a 'Democrat' describe a referendum as not democratic as people would make the wrong decisions and it is very, very complicated.

He was amazed when I called him an arrogant, patronising little weasel.

This is what we're up against. No pretence at democracy, no pretence at listening to what people want. Those on the top of the status quo want this introduced and it will be introduced.

Well, I've got news for you, you nasty little fuckers, a similar enterprise crumbled in Eastern Europe in the 90's, and if you continue to ride roughshod over us little people, your Ceacescu moment WILL come, and you won't even see it when it is right at the end of your nose.

A question. What if Lech Kaczynski and/or Vaclav Klaus turn round and say, 'You know, as Head of State, I don't want to sign this. I know what is best for my country, not you', what happens then?

God save Ireland, God save Poland, God save the Czech Republic.

God help the rest of us.


Call me Infidel said...

"He was amazed when I called him an arrogant, patronising little weasel."

Probably one of the 26% still prepared to give Gordon another go. Frightening isn't it?

Lumo said...

Dear Snowolf,

President Klaus surely wants to do everything realistic he can to kill the treaty. There exist many kinds of racketeering that - I am sure - will not work here at all. For example, the ideas about a canceled commissioner from Czechia etc. are childish. The commissioner is a puppet and he's not the closest friend of Klaus, anyway. Moreover, the decision to deny someone (a nation) its representative just because he dares to disagree would backfire and "clearly" identify the EU federalists as the people who want to destroy democracy.

If someone wants to help Klaus to resist until the U.K. elections, so that a real referendum in an important country is held about it, it would be nice if he started to learn what Klaus actually cares about, and help to mitigate possible consequences for Czechia that the federalists could try to create.

Just to be sure, Klaus (and many of us) surely consider this treaty to be more important than one or 10 chairs in the European institutions, more than one billion (or maybe even 10 billion) of euros of business losses etc. And surely more important than some politically correct words.

Blackmailing by sanctions would only begin to work if there were on par with the sanctions against Iran - but I doubt that those people would be insane enough to think that a legitimate president's legitimate will to prefer the existing laws of the EU over a new construct are on par with a mad man's plan to nuke the rest of the world. ;-)

At the same moment, I must say that I have underestimated the breathtaking idiocy of many advocates of a federal EU many times in the past. Many of those people have no sense of balance.

If you want the U.K. public to have their say, it's just important to try to do enough - either in immediate acts or in pledges of compensation after a possible Tory victory - to assure that the possible sanctions against Czechia because of Klaus's principled approach will be largely neutralized.

It means, the U.K. may join crazy anti-democratic EU pogroms against Czechia now, but the parties who disagree with them will try to revise them after the elections and arrange appropriate compensations. That will be almost certainly enough for Klaus to resist any kind of pressure I can realistically imagine.