Thursday, 1 October 2009

The One That Is Hoping And Praying. . .

C'mon guys and girls. You've told them once already. If you let them push you around, you let them push a whole continent around.

Ireland could be the saviour of us all. A 'No' vote will not destroy the EU, but it will put the brakes on, if only for as long as it takes them to come back again and tell you you've made the wrong decision.

Thank God for Ireland's constitution, and how sad that out of such a large group of countries, only one has the faith in its people to make their own minds up.

Ratification of this treaty really would give me serious cause to consider my continued residence in this country. The corruption in the EU, the arrogance, the anti-democratic practices and dictatorial manner in which business is done chills me to the very core.

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