Sunday, 27 September 2009

The One That Would Have Loved To Have Been A Fly On The Wall. . .

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson was initially refused entry to the Labour Party conference in Brighton because of a problem with his security pass.

You can just see the little jobsworth standing there, can't you?

No matter, what's good enough for the rest of us. . .

Lord Mandelson had to wait 10 minutes at the conference's security entrance before he was allowed to enter.

And how I would have loved to have seen him waiting. Curiously, the Nanny Beeb report doesn't report how he bore this loss of face. I'm betting he didn't stand there with the attitude, 'well, it IS security, it is for own protection', I'm betting he had a hissy fit of proportions that would have made Elton John wander off muttering 'drama queen' under his breath.

Please, please, please, let the security guard in question be an overstayer, visa counterfeiter or an illegal of some kidney, that would be great.

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