Friday, 4 September 2009

The One That Is Ordering Up A Big Bag Of Popcorn. . .

James Cleverly reports (via Guido) that former London Dep-Mayor Ian Clements is due up before Westminster Mags on a fraud charge over allegations of fiddling expenses.

Guido is of the opinion that he won't be the last politician to be hauled before the beak.

Wouldn't it be a terrible shame if he were only the first of many? Wouldn't it be an even bigger shame if this was at its height during a General Election campaign?

One thing is for certain, there'll be a number of politicians moaning about how such a situation would be unhelpful and perhaps even against the national interest, especially if they are perched atop a slim majority.

I think it was Harrison Ford playing the President in Air Force One who used the line 'Your turn to be afraid.'

Well folks, payback is a bitch and next May (assuming that is when it finally comes) is going to be so much of an Elephant hunt, that I'll be watching the election night coverage wearing khaki drill and a pith helmet.

Bring it on.

Nihilistic? Me?

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