Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The One That Bought A Paper. . .

For the first time in a long, long time, I went out and bought one of the national daily papers today. For the first time ever, that paper was The Sun. I just wanted to see with my own eyes that hatchet job on Brown. And it is one hell of a hatchet job (I like the poster especially). It also seems to be railing solidly against Brown rather than Labour as a whole, and I can't help wondering what would happen if he was shown the door before the election.

I think the answer is probably that The Sun's stance would soften slightly, but that Labour would still lose the election. No-one is going to oust Brown now, no-one wants to be the person that took over and the took the party on to an absolute paggering at the polls. They'll all start sidling away during the campaign. Come the inevitable bun-fight in June it will all be, 'Me? No, it was nothing to do with me, I was nowhere near it. Well, I suppose I could have stepped in before Christmas, but the loyalty of the rank and file is paramount, no-one wanted to see Gordon go. The Tories ran a despicable campaign, it hurt Gordon badly, and someone has to step up now he's stood down.'

With some of the squawking in the media you'd have thought that the job of PM is awarded by The Sun. It isn't. The Sun backing Cameroid isn't going to win the Tories the election. One truism that is, errr, true, is that oppositions do not win elections. The Sun isn't telling people how to vote or think, they've known for plenty long-enough that New Labour is done. They've done this now to cause as much damage to Brown as possible.

The Sun hasn't announced its support to influence the outcome, it has done it to sell papers. The Sun was never going to back Labour, because they will lose. It won't want to be seen backing a loser. Can the Sun influence a winning margin? Yes. If they press the right buttons then a lot of those who don't vote may just turn out to put the boot in. The Sun can turn a big victory into a huge victory, but it cannot turn a large defeat into a narrow win. Even if The Sun indulged in the sort of partial pro-Labour reporting that would make the BBC blush, it wouldn't change the result.

On the morning after the election, when The Sun says something along the lines of 'It Was The Sun Wot Won It', that's just to persuade people that it is more influential than it really is.

Brown will be furious, Campbell on Sky News this morning gave the air of a man who was about to stamp his feet and claim that it isn't fair, but it doesn't really matter. The Tories won't win because they're best - I'm expecting a policy free zone at their conference next week, indeed their manifesto may just as well be Cameroid and chums in matching knitwear holding kittens, The Tories won't win because of The Sun. Labour will lose because of their complete contempt and disregard for the public. Labour will lose because they continually nag and mither us, because they insult us, because they take our money and waste it, spend it on themselves, because they are incapable of admitting fault or responsibility, because they make promises they have no intention of keeping, because they snoop upon us and criminalise us for no other reason than they can.

Alternative vote? Give me a break. You would have done that in '97 if it was worthwhile. Now you stare down the barrel of a gun you think that people's second choices are important?

Slut's Huts/Gulags for Slags? Yeah, nice. Bring back homes for fallen women so you can indoctrinate them and their kids. That's the sort of the thing the BNP would do. . . Oh.

Take your ball and fuck off. You've had your chance, and you have squandered it. It's over. Finished. Gone. Your attitude of entitlement to win this time would be truly offensive if watching it wasn't so funny. You make Comical Ali look like an incisive commentator.

I'll leave the last word to 22 year old Keeley from Bromley, who for some reason left the house wearing nothing but a small pair of blue knickers and a pout.

'He [Cameron] can't possibly do this instantly as he will inherit huge, long-term, deep-rooted problems. We need to allow him time to implement fresh ideas and policies that will get the country off its knees.'

Hardly a ringing endorsement, is it? When did glamour models become so politically aware?

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Call me Infidel said...

Comrade Brownstainovich's performance in the interview with Adam Boulton was deeply disturbing. The rumours of his flawed psyche have so far been just that rumours. However the "death stare" he gave Boulton was truly bizarre. I seriously doubt he will make it to June next year in charge of Noo Layber.

We live in interesting times. I watched a section of News at Ten where they spoke to "ordinary" people and I was staggered to see that some of them actually where prepared to give them another shot. As much as I would like to see Labour dead and buried they are not yet out of it. The Tories have not come up with a convincing game plan, a lot of would be Tories want reassurance on Lisbon and Dave isn't giving it so I forsee a lot of votes going to UKIP. A lot of Labour supporters are disgusted with their open door immigration policy so I suspect in the privacy of the ballot box a lot of them will vote BNP.

As for Brown's survival I rather doubt they can keep the dead man walking all the way to June. He looks to me like a man who has a very tenuous grip on his sanity and something like a live debate with Cameron could well put him over the edge. They may well feel that a younger leader like one of the Milibrains or Balls would suit them better. Realistically they know if they are cast into the wilderness they will need someone young enough to still be a contender in ten or fifteen years time. Though it may well be that we have witnessed the death of Labour as a political movement capable of winning a majority, much as the Liberals were supplanted by Labour in the 1920's. One can hope!