Monday, 21 September 2009

The One That Is Quivering With Anticipation. . .

I'm not going to go over old ground, especially as Mac the Knife has done such a capital job.

EU leaders are said to be furious that the Czech Republic is planning to delay signing the Lisbon treaty for up to six months even if the Irish vote "yes" in their referendum next month

I've commented before about the huge respect I have for Vaclav Klaus, as Mac points out he's seen tyranny and supression before, he's got the T-shirt and can see the EU for what it really is.

And what is it?

Nicolas Sarkozy, who helped to draw up the treaty after the French and Dutch voted against its predecessor, the EU Constitution, has warned Prague that it faces "consequences" if it does not swiftly follow an Irish "yes" with its own ratification.

Yeah, that's about right. This will be free and democratic, unless we don't like what you do. Did you notice the fact that an Irish yes is a certainty? Even if they say no, they'll say yes. Eventually. Or there'll be 'consequences'.

Well fuck you, you shortarsed little twat. One would have thought, given your father's tribulations with the Red Army in Hungary during the war and the Soviet's actions in Budapest in 1956, that you'd have a fairly sympathetic attitude towards those who fear the worst with the EU. But of course, there's a big difference here, isn't there, Nicolas? This time it is you in the big chair with the machinery behind you.

If only our politicians had the brass balls that Klaus has shown. Once again I take my hat off to him, and wonder if Cameron has the integrity to keep his promises.

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