Friday, 15 August 2008

The One That's Going To Play A Little Game . . .

It's no good, as much as I want to, there's no ignoring it. Just like taxes, death and crabs, (OK, perhaps not crabs) there's no getting away from the Olympic Shames.

So I look forward to seeing the competitors lining up for the running very fast over a short distance event, then I can pick them out of the line-up:

'He's on drugs. He's on drugs. He's shite and needs to be on drugs. He needs to ask the other two what drugs they are on, coz his aren't working as well. He's British so if he gets caught out it's because there's been a terrible mix-up in the lab. He's from Malawi so can't afford drugs.'

It really is quite good fun. Almost as fun as seeing how incredibly seriously these people take themselves. Why they don't all just get sponsorship from Pfizer, Glaxo and Bayer is beyond me. It could be like F1.

'Well, Brian, he's a decent sprinter, but of course Johnson & Johnson's drugs for sprints just don't perform as well as the stuff knocked out by Astra-Zeneca. J&J will do much better in the middle distance events.'

I just hope that when they keel over of a heart-attack aged 40, their kids understand why it was so important for them to be very good at running around and jumping over things.

Oh, and to re-visit Dwain Chambers, he was definitely on drugs and still didn't win. Useless bloody tosser.

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Call me Infidel said...

I remember watching the "games" in Los Angeles. At the time I thought this was a load of tosh and it was clear that most of the "athletes" we on some form of performance enhancing substance. Why they don't just allow drugs is beyond me. What particularly incenses me though is when you get the likes of Carl Lewis berating chumps like Chambers for taking drugs. At the LA games it was common knowledge that bribery and corruption took place to hide the rampant steroid abuse. I despise the Olympics and I am so glad i no longer have to contribute to the rapidly approaching 2012 debacle.