Friday, 22 August 2008

The One That Is Sat Here Shaking With Rage. . .

These two videos posted with flamboyant flourishing of hats to Obnoxio and Old Holborn.

Words almost fail me, I am so very, very angry about this.

How DARE two Police Officers enter somebody's private property on the basis of what they think should be a crime?

How DARE a PCSO lay his hands on the person or property of a member of the public because he thinks you shouldn't be allowed to film in public? How DARE he tell a member of the public to 'shut up.'

It isn't just the fact that these two clips show that the law enforcers are ignorant of the law. It is understandable given the indecent number of crimes added to the statute over the last ten years. It is the rudeness they show, and they way they conduct themselves in the idea that anything they don't like must be stopped.

You are here to serve us, you are policing this country because WE want you to. You would do well to remember that.

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Old Holborn said...

Funny how they never collect statistics on how many people they have bullied and sent home with a flea in their ear for laws they have just made up on the spot.

I like to politely remind them that I pay their wages, they are my servants, working for me, they call ME Sir and if they don't like it they can go back being a security guard in Asdas, minding the baked beans.

Oh, and NEVER carry ID. Or even talk to the cunts if you don't have to.

OH:" Do you have the time?"
Filth: "Fuck off. Buy a fucking watch you wanker. Keep moving or i'll have you arrested, strip searched and DNA harvested before you can say 42 days"