Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The One That Thinks It Matters Very Much. . .

How often do we hear the phrase 'there's no point in voting, they're all the bloody same, aren't they?'

And one can only say 'Yes.'

'And no.' It's ok, I'm not about to embark on some puff peice of how life would be all fluffy bunnies and singing birdies if only we all voted LPUK, even if I do think life would be considerably better.

I'll provide some evidence that both the main parties are as similar as makes no difference. The first article (with a hat-tip to Old Holborn) shows plans by that loathsome, dictatorial arse-clown Brown to effectively do away with Coroner's inquests. If it is judged in the 'national interest' (Oh yeah, by whom? Oh? MP's? There's a startling fucking surprise) then they could be held in camera. The second, which was brought to my attention by Obnoxio the Clown, shows that the Tories are positively itching to delve into as many facets of our lives as they possibly can.

Yep, they are just about the same. Nineteen Eighty-Four, telescreens, Thought Police and so forth. Of course all this is down to our old friend, Security Reasons (Nurse! The Pills! The Pills!).

The first idea is to ensure that the national interest is protected. Let's not mince words here, it isn't the national interest, it is in the interests of your party not looking like a bunch of right schmucks because somebody has carped it due to your actions.

The second stems from legislation that no doubt bore the tag 'in extreme circumstances' when added to the statute, it amounts to the poor old chap nicked for taking a picture of a cop-car. I'll go back to 1984 and direct you all to the passage from 'The Book' entitled 'Chapter III - War is Peace.'

I hate this, I hate them, and given the opportunity would probably quite happily visit physical pain upon their persons. They are the worst of the hubristic mediocre who will not rest until they control absolutely every single aspect of your existence. So don't bloody let them. You still have that ability, in the name of Mary, mother of God, Jesus and all the little orphans, use that ability because they WILL take it away from you.

Do not vote for these arseholes, vote for anybody, anybody else. Come the next election, if there is no LPUK candidate in my constituency I'll vote for some single-issue indie. Some guy with a beard, a jumper and a pipe who needs to get into Westminster because the council won't build a hedgehog underpass. Let's fill the house with them.

Just get these bastards, of all political colours, out of our wallets and out of our lives, because if we don't in fifteen years you'll all be asking 'How did this happen? Why do I need a permit to travel from Devon to Cornwall?' (Security Reasons) 'Why do I have a centrally, government issued email address which is monitored?' (Security Reasons) 'Why do my babies have to have their DNA taken at birth?' (Crime Prevention) 'Why have elections been suspended?' (National Interest, Emergency Measures) 'Why do I need an exit visa to leave the country?' (Integrity of Borders)

I'll be able to tell you, but you'll have to call me whilst I live in another country far, far away from here. And you'll probably have to book the call in advance. And you know that someone will be listening in, I mean, you could be talking to a terrorist, a climate change denier, someone who will say that children are obese, or will denounce the glory of the European Federation, anybody.


Vox angelica said...

I couldn't have put it better myself. Do you know, I haven't voted for one of the "rainbow three" for, oh I don't know, some twenty years. The problem is here , there is no alternative. My last local elections had two libs and two cons. I did what I always do and put "None of the above". This may make me feel better, but it gets nothing changed.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing 'a vote for a minor party is a wasted vote'. Well, it's not. If nobody voted for the Triad, they'd be the minor party and the small ones would be in power.

I'm trying to work out what a government entirely composed of independents would be like. It sounds good but there's bound to be a flaw in there somewhere.

Too many hedgehog underpasses, perhaps?

Old Holborn said...

I have removed myself from the electoral register.

I want nothing to do with the entire farce and I most certainly do not want the fuckers to know that I voted for the wrong party.

I am me. I voted for me. At home. And I won.


Snowolf said...

Well, I'd rather have too many hedgehog underpasses than any quangos at all.

Dodgy Geezer said...

"I'm trying to work out what a government entirely composed of independents would be like. It sounds good but there's bound to be a flaw in there somewhere...."

Too true. You would get a succession of Italian multi-party coalitions.

Funnily enough, the problem is NOT the existence of parties.We have had decent government before with the party system. What we have never had before are 'professional politicians'. That is the reason they are all the same, and all after more power/more money.

I sometimes dream that we could go back to the lost world of amateurism, in sport as well as politics. It meant that these pursuits were confined to the wealthy, but it also meant that bribery was rare and honour was a prized comodity. You can afford to resign if you simply retire to your country seat - you can't afford to resign if you are in it for the money.

Such a vision could only return if government was rolled back to simple issues like foreign policy, so it shares some aims with the libertarian movement....

Call me Infidel said...

Minimal government. What a shocking concept (for all the greedy fucks with their noses in the trough).
I agree with the above. The past decade has seen an increasing number of "professional politicians" now there's an oxymorn surely?
Balls and Miliband are perfect examples of the breed.