Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The One That Thinks Perhaps All Is Not Lost . . .

The Kent Messenger local paper in Canterbury ran a story recently about Tory councillors in the city that elected only to fly the European rag on May 9th, Europe Day.* It would appear that other councils regularly fly the blue thing with stars alongside the Union Flag.

The story says:

[. . .] the Department of Culture Media and Sport [. . .] suggests flying the Union flag on 19 days a year, including the Queen and Prince Philip’s birthdays, Commonwealth Day, Remembrance Sunday and St George’s Day.

Now everyone seems to point to the US as the worst excess of flag-waving nationalism and I must admit that I find their take on it a little extreme on occasion, I prefer the attitude shown by Canada and Denmark. If you go to Toronto or Copenhagen (two utterly charming cities and places I highly recommend visiting) you will see their national flags flying everywhere, all the time. It is done without jingoism or chest beating, it is merely a quiet, confident self assured feeling of pride in their nation. It doesn't mean that the Canadians look down on anyone, or rampaging groups of Danes go around beating seven shades of shit out of any passing Norwegians, it just says, 'You are in Denmark/Canada, we like our country and are very proud of who we are'. And rightly so. No state is Utopia, every country has its problems but all things considered I can think of no countries that afford better opportunities or a more agreeable life than Canada or Denmark.

I wonder what Copenhagen City Council would say if their equivalent of the Dept. of Culture, Media, Sport, Watermelons, Navel Gazing and Losing The Will To Bloody Live came rocking up and 'suggested' a list of days when it is deemed acceptable to fly the Dannebrog? I'm assuming the normally quiet, reserved and considered Danes would find some old Viking blood boiling under the surface, and perhaps an old Viking battle axe under the stairs.

Now, the KM instigated a poll about this lack of EuroRag, and I appreciate that these things are not accurate, I also appreciate that I have no idea about the political (if any) bias that prevails at Kent Messenger Towers and that the following quotes suit my purposes entirely:

Carl Taylor, who gave his address as England, said in his Speak Out comments: “The EU flag as far as I am concerned stands for slavery to the great EU-uber state. I shall always fly the one that means the most to me – the George Cross.”

Derek George, from Margate, shows his feelings for the EU flag with the comment: “I keep an EU flag near the bathroom........you never know when you will run out of toilet paper!!”

And Neil Bailey, from Herne Bay, says the Union Flag should be flown at public buildings all year round, together with the St George’s flag, and adds: “We are too prone to giving up our national identity in this country and should not be ashamed of promoting Britain.”

Linda Clegg, of Westgat-on Sea, had an emphatic no to flying the EU flag. She says: “I am English, not British, and as such want to see our own English flag flying at all times, not the European flag. I will never consider myself European!”

Now, of course, Westminster and Brussels/Strasbourg would have us believe that we all want to live together as bestest friends in the world ever. That is why we don't need a say, because it's obvious, is it not? The Irish were mistaken and it is time to investigate what democracy actually means - H/T to Trixy. (Do watch the video attached to her posting, it is thoroughly chilling.)

We are concerned that we are sleepwalking to serfdom and that people will quietly accept the salami slicing of their liberties. Perhaps this ridiculous stealth union that we have NEVER been given a say on is really beginning to lose its life force.

Here's hoping.

* Wiki describes Europe Day 'as an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe.'
Great, when do the lorry loads of EastAsian soldiers turn up for execution? Give me strength. It would be remiss of me not to mention NATO.

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Call me Infidel said...

I hope you are right and that finally people are waking up to the loss of liberty and associated fascism that the EU represents, but there are too many bastards with a vested interest to let this go down without a fight. I still believe they will bully the Irish into a yes vote.