Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The One That Is Aware These Are The Sort Of People We Are Dealing With . . .

Al-Beeb reports on a weapons stash found in woodland near the 'Climate Camp' at the Kingsnorth Power Station in Kent.

A "stash of knives and weapons" has been found near the Climate Camp in Kent, police have said.

Officers said they recovered the weapons from a wooded area on the Hoo peninsula on Monday evening.

I'll start with the science bit. I'm no expert, but I've seen enough evidence to ensure that my appreciation of the climate change lobby's claims is sceptical.

Here's the Libertarian bit. I have absolutely no problem with these people protesting for what they believe in. I think they are misguided, but it is their right to voice their opinion and I support that right fully.

Here's the problematic bit. These people have obviously brought weapons along because they are expecting trouble. I don't buy the line that the police planted it. They could simply move them on for 'security reasons' or nick them under the terrorism act.

I'm not even sure that they brought these weapons along to use on the police.

I've seen people of this ilk operate before. I still remember the actions of the hunt saboteurs at Charing point to point races one Easter Monday many years ago. Despite the fact that there was no (pre-ban) hunting going on*, they poured forth a stream of abuse and intimidation at the race goers, left an explosive device in one of the portaloos on site and threw smoke grenades into some racing horses as they passed.

These people claim to stand for freedom, but at the end of the day, if you have an opinion that differs from them, watch out, because they will use intimidation, insults and smears against you. Some of them will resort to violence. There will be no debate, there will be no rational argument or investigation of environmental or economic evidence. It is in case anyone with a contrary view to theirs turns up that these weapons have been stockpiled. I detest these people. They are the worst kind of cowardly, violent authoritarians.

Ironic that the BBC will no doubt be accused of being 'climate change deniers' by these loons. I'd accuse them of furthering the agenda at every opportunity. Funny old world, innit?

* And whilst we're on the subject, why do hunt sabs still disrupt people going for a morning's ride? I don't take a camcorder along to Wildwood, just to make sure that they don't indulge in the illegal practice of badger baiting. It's nothing to do with animal rights, it is a class war and an urban misunderstanding of country life, nothing more.


Call me Infidel said...

It would be amusing if these half wits accused the BBC of being climate change deniers. It's always the same suspects at these get togethers. Yetis, hippies and crusties. I want to shout at the screen "get a job you idle bastards" I am not against reducing our dependance on oil, but these fuckers would plunge us into some perverted agrarian dark ages if they got their way.

Dodgy Geezer said...

I strongly suspect that these 'weapons' are kitchen knives, tent pegs, string and other assorted perfectly reasonable impedimenta on a camping site. Probably bolt-cutters and ladders as well, if they're thinking of scaling a fence, which it would be reasonable of the police to confiscate. But I doubt that they are planning a violent assault on the power station...

The police can justify a big presence if they can claim that there is 'evidence' that violence may be planneded. So they announced some 'evidence'. Simple process.