Saturday, 28 May 2011

Phew! That's a relief.

Cornwall Council has admitted giving out the wrong figures for its credit card bills which led to claims of lavish spending on travel and hotels.

A bit of human error, but these things happen, as long as the council tax payers of Kernow are satisfied they've got it right now, that's the main thing. Embarrassing, yes, but let's cut some slack, shall we?

It told the Daily Telegraph it had spent nearly £9m on credit cards since 2008, including on overseas travel.

Nine million? That's quite a bill, I should hope they have got that wrong.

But the council said it had not checked the figures before releasing them, which were "at least" £1.3m less.

At least? I'd hope they were much less than that, even if it is coming in at £7.7m, that's still a hell of a lot of money, especially for a county which is not the most densely populated.

Among the figures was £114,142 for hotels in India, which was actually in rupees, and should have been £1,645.

Yeah, big difference in those amounts, you still get a lot of Rupee for your quid.

The figures, given to the newspaper in a Freedom of Information request, were published on Saturday.

It just shows the importance of checking your stats before going to pre. . .

Whoa, whoa, rewind a moment.



What the hell were Cornwall County Council doing going to India? Indian Queens, yes, but India?

No, still looks like lavish travel to me.


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