Wednesday, 6 October 2010


So, that's that then. All three leaders have rallied the troops. What have we learned?

Neil Clark (or whatever his name is) doesn't quite understand how he came to be sat at the cabinet table, what he's supposed to do now he's there or how to make sure he stays there without destroying his party. I'll answer those concerns for you; firstly, you got lucky because the Tories weren't good enough to beat the worst PM in history on their own. Secondly; what you're told. Thirdly; you can't.

Ed Moribund wants us to understand that he's sorry for Labour's 13 year pissing money up the wall, invading countries, authoritarian reel. He's very sorry, but it's not his fault. Oh no, it was the other lot, the lot that have gone. And you can tell the difference because all the new people now running the party were conspicuous by the way they stood aside and said absolutely fuck all when all this was going on.

David Cameroid wants us to know that we're all in this together in the national interest and his government will very graciously give us a sliver of the liberties that were not the government's to take from us in the first place. We don't need big government, we need big society, which is best run by. . . the government. The same government that must be elected by FPTP lest the next election see him having once again to do a deal with the oiky Liberal (hah!) Democrats (hah!). He's also going to make sure that no more of our sovereignty is handed over the EU without our say so. That's kinda like me saying that no more of my milk teeth will be handed over to the tooth fairy. That ship has sailed.

And they wonder why turn-out is so low and politicians held in such low esteem. It's a bloody mystery, isn't it?

Wolfer's note: Just in case you aren't aware, and you bloody should be; I'm a member of the Libertarian Party. Small but perfectly formed. Go and take a look at the website and blog if you've not done so.

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