Friday, 29 October 2010

Oh, this conversation again.

One of the delights of late October, beyond putting razor blades in 'fun size' Mars bars (and what, may I ask , is fun about a small Mars bar?) and lacing dib-dab with laxative for the little tykes who come round trick or treating, is the annual debate about the changing of the clocks.

Argument 1: They should stay on BST, because people feel safer in lighter evenings, and, errrr, that's it.

Argument 2: They should stay on GMT, because kids in Scotland who walk to school (I thought that was banned, because of all the paedos hanging around on street corners, plus it harms car sales) might get run over in the dark mornings, it is fine for them to get run over in the dark afternoons though, and a few Scottish farmers won't be able to see their cows in the dark.

Solution: Give Scotland its own time zone, plenty of other countries manage it ok. Besides I understand there's already a ten year time difference between Scotland and England anyway.

Must we listen to this ridiculous waffle every year? The chances of a change are effectively nil, you may as well have a debate about whether Tuesday following Monday is a satisfactory arrangement. It's only an hour FFS, don't we have slightly more important things to worry about?

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